Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Cafe Pal

Looking for Thai food, and also craving for bubble tea? If you are in bugis area, you are saved from going two separate places!

A small cafe, but not at all squeezy. In fact, it feels rather comfortable with low noise level, and some yellow light ambience. Quite suitable for some gatherings.

Some interior stuffs...

If you are here for just a quick drink, they have some sections of the drinks menu on a board near the entrance.

We ordered some drinks, and some bites for tea break :)

One of the drink not to be missed is their bubble tea. Basically for $5.80, you get to choose your type of milk base, with two toppings ($0.50 per additional). And I had the Thai Milk Tea, with grass jelly and aloe vera. It may taste something like our soya bean milk with grass jelly, but with a little twist in the taste.

Pom Pom Green ($8.80) is just green tea with pomelo juice and its pulps :) A refreshing cold drink.

We had two snacks to go along with our drinks.

First, Mini toast with Kaya dip ($4.00). Well, the main highlight is the kaya which is not too creamy, and taste is just nice.

Second, Fish Strips ($5.00). If you order the bubble tea with this, you actually saved $4.00! Meaning $5.80 for a cup of bubble tea and a plate of fish strips for nibbles.

Well, it seems to have some peppery form on it. As every piece I bite on, I felt like coughing as though powder has escalated to my nose and throat. But still, its a nice snack.

I quite like their bubble tea, and decided to order one more for takeaway. This time, Thai Milk Tea with sago and grassjelly. But instead of the usual $5.80, I paid an extra dollar more, as takeaway does not consists of toppings, in exchange for their plastic bottle. It is actually well sealed, like you just bought a brand new bottle from supermarkets?

Food and drinks are generally average. Quite a nice place to chill, and service is quite prompt and polite too.

Cafe Pal

43 Middle Road
Singapore 188952

Tel: (65) 6333 5400

Opening Hours
Mon - Sun: 1200 - 2200 hours


  1. hi which programme/apps did you use to create the "zoom-in + combine" effect in your drinks photos?

    1. Hi, I took close up photos of the drink, and combine both pics using photoshop. That's all :)