Thursday, 5 September 2013

Nook - House of Pancakes

All-day pancakes anyone? Rather than making your kitchen messy from the mixes, or eating the same old hotcakes from "M", Nook provides the first DIY pancake house in Singapore! Woah, another food-customizable place to be in your list now!

Ever told graffiti is banned? You might want to read on, and probably might interest you :) 

Basically it's a piece of cake with the ordering process. If you are there to have fun, choose 1 flavor ($25.00) or 2 flavors ($28.00) batter, your 3 toppings, & add on sides at additional costs. All visible in a page, less the flipping hassle! They have house-made creations too, but who wants to miss the fun??

Simple layout.. I sensed the itchy hands of mine already...

But hold your reins! Drinks first...

Earl Grey Lavender Tea ($3.90/cup or $6.00/pot).

Ice Latte ($4.50).

Chunky Chocolate Milkshake & Madness Strawberry Milkshake ($6.90/glass). Milkshakes were alright, but probably too much ice, thus making it hard to drink initially. Thinking back, I realized my strawberry "drowned" while I was making my pancake, and I left it in the glass untouched even till the moment I left my table :(

Alright... Moving on...

For our batter, we had the Asian Pandan, Original Buttermilk, Strawberry Farm, and Dark Chocolate. For sweet toppings, we ordered Caramelized Apples, Cream Cheese, M&M's, Peanut Butter, Blueberries, and Banana Slices.

For toppings were Scrambled Eggs ($3.00), Honey Baked Ham ($4.00), and Sauteed Mushrooms ($4.00). I personally felt that the sauteed mushrooms taste like the ingredients inside our chinese snacks, known as "Soon Kueh"..

Pancake Art!!! It's a little awkward to get working on it, but once you started, there's no stopping!

We basically googled for some cartoon designs and used that as a reference to draw out what we desire.. Most are disastrous!!

Here are some of the designs worth looking at :P

Coconut tree with the only surviving coconut still hanging there...

Malformed shark...

A one-eyed dog that chose pizza over drumstick...

Wanted to draw out a pokemon character, Pikachu, but flunk badly. Looking at it again, it's still cute, isn't it?

Yoshi!! The most awesome design we had for the whole few hours :D Cute yeah?

Interior space... Spacious, and no greasy feel despite having pancakes "pan-frying" all over :)

I am, somehow attracted by their wallpaper.. Love it max!

Calling for students and big eaters!! It's super cheap as compared to their usual prices!

Have a design you created there, and think it's an awesome creation? Flaunt it, and give it a chance to make its way to the "wall of fame", where a tv display slideshow of a series of other jaw-dropping creations that seems almost impossible to us!

If you are a person who has endless of creations and innovations, this place might just be the right place to have fun, yet stomach-filling, and creating memorable memories with your friends and family :)

On the other hand, even if you are a non-artistic person, you can have fun too laughing off at your failed creations which might in fact look more cool than what you had expected!

Anyway, we were too full/sick of stuffing the pancakes down our throat, so we just continue our creations, and leave it there for visual pleasure and fun :P

Nook (House of Pancakes)

21 Lorong Kilat
Singapore 598123

Tel: (65) 6466 1811

Opening Hours
Tues - Fri: 1200 - 2200 hours
Sat - Sun: 1000 - 2200 hours

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