Sunday, 1 September 2013

Provence Bakery & Cafe

I get to know Provence when I was previously working in ION Shopping Mall. It is a Japanese-owned Bakery, which focus on creation and quality.

Decided to pack off some bites and saw two of their creations that interests me!

First, Spicy Beef Curry Cube ($1.60) whcih seems like a rubic cube.

I was actually expecting it to be filled with curry beef and chicken.. Wait.. WHAT am I thinking of when it's only $1.60??? But, I love the fluffy-ness of the bread, and the smell of curry just came flowing out when one part was bitten off.

Second, Cream Cheese Sesami ($0.80) which I believe they meant sesame?

Again, fluffy bread! A small amount of cream cheese, and taste of sesame seed is not significant at all.

They have a cafe on the second floor, which gives patrons a place to relax and enjoy their food and pastries to the fullest. Provence do have sandwiches too, and having tired that before, no doubt my likeness for Provence still stays the same!


269 Holland Avenue
Singapore 278990

Tel: (65) 6467 6966

Opening Hours
Mon - Fri: 0930 - 2030 hours
Sat - Sun: 0830 - 2030 hours


  1. I love Provence :) Ur photography skills are awesome! A big thumbs up!