Sunday, 8 September 2013

T.A.B. - Art Science Museum, National Geographic Exhibits (17 August 2013 - 27 October 2013)

I have been wanting to visit the Art Science Museum, at Marina Bay Sands, ever since I've heard of the Mummy exhibits!

Finally, I managed to find "time" and bought the All Access Pass, which includes exhibits of the Mummy: Secrets of the Tomb, 50 Greatest Photographs of National Geographic, and the Essential Eames. Of course, it is not necessary to purchase the "All Access" pass if you prefer to visit one or two exhibits that interests you.

Mummy exhibits has a 3D show, which I believe you may skip it. It actually show you how scientists are able to decipher who the mummy was before being mummified, what could have caused their death, how embalming was carried out, and such. Nothing gross, thus pretty suitable for kids though you may expect tons and tons of questions from them later on :P

Had some time before the show, and there's a lotus pond circling the museum. So........

I was disappointed as photography wasn't allowed in the Mummy exhibits. No actual mummified corpse visible, but if you have keen interest in their culture and how embalming was done then, it would be interesting still :)

My favorite exhibit of all three, 50 Greatest Photographs of National Geographic! It was mentioned no flash photography allowed, but that's not the main point. I'm excited to see photos taken by other photographers being featured in National Geographic, and the story behind it! Sorry if the color is different from naked eyes..

Some are so interesting that I can't help holding my glance for more than a minute... Here are some of the photos I thought would be interesting to share!

Guess what? Photographer only knew and had to drove the pregnant lady to the hospital after taking this shot! How meaningful yeah? But.. which is the pregnant lady?

Photographer had been trying to get this shot for a long time, even though it was understood that he had no idea what's gonna be the outcome of him facing the approaching tornado!

How true?

I am a little emotionally affected by the tears of this child... The reason behind her tears? Her sheeps were knocked down by a vehicle... Wouldn't you too?

This is another interesting yet funny photo. Hope it's straightforward enough for you to understand what this guy is trying to do :D

Towards the end of the National Geographic exhibit, there is a big globe, and some colorful paper strips for you to write comments such as how can you protect the earth and such.

Last exhibit was the Essential Eames, featuring some innovative and timeless creations by Charles and Ray Eames. It wasn't interesting as I thought it would be, thus ranking this exhibit last, following after the Mummy exhibit.

These exhibits are only here in Singapore for a certain period of time, so do not miss it if you are already having the itch! Check out Art Science Museum page for the dates and prices. Ohhh, bring along your ID as special rate is given for local residents :)

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