Thursday, 19 September 2013

T.A.B. - Mini Exhibition in Bugis+ (18 August 2013)

I was in Bugis+ some time back, and chanced upon this mini exhibition. Not really sure of the theme, but some of the stuff really do interests me! Seeing this does stop my footsteps from walking past it, stop my thoughts from wandering away...

But what didn't stopped me, was taking out my camera to snap some shots :D

Surrounding the above "road" sign, are various letterboxes of different sizes and patterns.. Perhaps different eras?

There is also this big bear at one corner, which might be actually a few heads taller than the height of an average person. Need a hug? This bear can actually response to you, but by donating your hug to him first :)

Another display that occupies almost half of my time there are these four tables clustered together. It contains items such as the country erasers, notebooks filled with scribbles that you will find it so familiar!! Itchy hands? You might want to pen on it too, for free!

This spectacle related what I thought during my secondary school years.. Boooooring!!!! Who doesn't think this way when sitted at your table and looking aimlessly at the whiteboard while your teacher is "nagging" away? Haha.

Very interesting exhibit I love to hang around whole day if its like a major scale type :P

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  1. Hello! By any chance do you remember what the name of this exhibition is? :-)