Thursday, 26 September 2013

Thoughts - Gusto Italiano Workshop, by Chef Garbriele Piegaia

I was one of the many lucky ones to attend the "Flavours of Italy Culinary Workshop", held at ToTT!

The workshop was a pretty simple one, where chef will demonstrate two dishes, serve and answer questions from the attendees. 

One of the dish was Paccheri Al Nero Di Seppia, also known as Paccheri with squid ink. It may not look appetizing due to its black ink, but it successfully defied my initial thought. It tastes pretty buttery, and does not have any weird taste even though its squid ink. I quite like the idea of using paccheri as it resembles sliced squid meat.

Recipe for Paccheri with squid ink, provided during the workshop.

Another dish was Trippa Alla Burlamacco, also known as Beef Tripe stewed in fresh tomato sauce, parmesan cheese, parsley.

It's another yummy dish, which has much more appeal than the previous dish. The troublesome part of this dish is the boiling and rinsing of the beef tripe (stomach) for 5 times, each lasting an hour! But I would say, worth the time :) Beef tripe boiled till soft, and tomato sauce is not that overempowering. Couldn't stop to ask for more!

Recipe for Beef Tripe stewed in tomato sauce, provided during the workshop.

Below are served and presented nicely on the chef table.

It was an experiential workshop, tasting authentic Italian cuisine, and learning the cooking style of the Italians too :) It seems that they are a fan of butter and olive oil, in terms of cooking. But for the result of the food, I wouldn't reject the idea of it :P

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