Sunday, 27 October 2013


Sourced for quite a number of online-based shops for making of cupcakes, to replace the traditional cream-based birthday cake. Here I have after some research, 2SweetTeeth :)

Their forte is more on macarons, but they do cupcakes too! Thus, I was delighted when they took my order with some customization requests.

Cupcakes flavors available are red velvet, chocolate, chocolate chip, and vanilla. Frosting wise they recommended butter based due to my customization, thus it includes creamcheese, honey buttercream, maple buttercream, vanilla buttercream, and rose buttercream.

I felt that my reuqests were pretty troublesome, but nevertheless, they provided suggestion and advice which is a plus point for their customer service :)

Ordered a 12 pieces cupcake. Flavor is red velvet, and frosting is honey buttercream. I requested for a mixture of frosting and fondart art designs, and even went to google for some designs that I like, and asked if they are able to do such. Result is satisfying :)

They also suggested to have nutella within each cupcake, since I had honey buttercream, which is less sweet than the usual creamcheese flavor. Taste of the cupcake is not bad, but fondart art is too sweet. But overall, I still think its worth the $40 spent in total, which they will place in a nice box to takeaway :) If cupcakes are not your choice, macarons for kids party is quite suitable too.



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