Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Homemade - Chicken Burger

Another of my experimental breakfast time! Walking into fastfoods for a burger is such an hassle, when I can have one "Made at Home!" :P

So this are what I've got for the preparation.

First, mix the lean meat with the bread crumbs and spices to keep it moist and flavory.

Second, tap the meat with tapioca starch on both sides. I've actually wanted to use plain flour to make the outer part of the meat crispier, but when I wanted to find it, I realized my mum has used up every bit of it... Thus, I used tapioca starch which I researched can be used a a substitute :(

Third, I made a hole in the middle, so that I can add in a poached egg or some sort, instead of the ring egg prototype we see in Macs.

Cooked the patty under medium-low fire, so as to take the egg into consideration to keep its yolk in runny state.

Once the chicken patty is cooked, I pan-fried the buns for a couple of seconds, and add on with lettuce, and cheese.

Well, my yolk wasn't runny at all, which put a damper to my excitement.. But patty is moist as I wanted, and flavor is lacking a little.

Had scrambled egg and sausages as my sides.

Complete breakfast, though the "egg in the hole" and patty is not up to my expectation. But nonetheless, satisfying breakfast with a cup of orange juice :)

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