Monday, 4 November 2013

House of Seafood ~ 螃蟹之家 ~

Back by popular demand, House of Seafood, 螃蟹之家, was having an online deal where a serving of 700-900 grams of Sri-Lanka crab cost only $25 instead of the usual $50! I managed to purchase 2 vouchers and headed there for my lunch :)

Patronised by various local and overseas artistes, no doubt this restaurant could be any bad right? Haha...

Found this cute mascot lying on the floor when I arrived. Perhaps just taking a little rest? Give it a break alright?! :D

Air-conditioned restaurant, with 2 levels of seating. Outlook is like a typical chinese restaurant arrangement.

Although being named "House of Seafood", their chinese name "螃蟹之家" which means "House of Crab", does not really tally.. But who cares if the food is fantastic?

Well, just crabby for lunch doesn't seems right to me.. So ordered extra dishes to go along :)

Prawn Omelette ($8.00).


Sambal Fried Rice ($6.00) with addition of seafood ($2.00). One of the yummy sambal seafood fried rice I had :)

Cripsy beancurd with chef's special sauce ($14.00). Indeed, crispy skin, soft in the inside. Made of plain tofu, rather than the egg tofu :) This dish should be the kid's favorite!

Alright! Here comes the main highlight!!

Each crab comes with a miniature flag-like thing. Supposed to be scratched and match against some numbers located on the walls. If it tally, your bill gets waived off? Not sure of the terms & conditions, if any. Apparently, both my crabs are not my lucky crabs :(

Not my lucky crabs, but on the otherhand, it does make up on the tasting part :)

Introducing the white pepper crab! I love the white pepper sauce and crab is definitely fresh! You may bite through the shells, but they also provide cracker and picking tool if you need it.

Next is the golden creamy butter crab! This is my favorite if I have to decide among the two. It is doubtlessly non-spicy, and with smooth creamy taste. One of the chef's recommendation!

They have 9 ways of cooking the crab, which are Black Pepper Crab, White Pepper Crab, Chili Crab, Golden Creamy Butter Crab, Ginger & Spring Onion Crab, Salted Egg Crab, Steamed Crab, Stewed Crab, and Been Hoon Crab Soup. I was actually stuck in a situation where I do not know which method I should go for...

Needless to say, House of Seafood is worth visiting for its crab and also its normal chinese dishes! Prompt service from the crew, and I definitely left the place still licking the corners of my mouth :P

House of Seafood

1 Joo Chiat Place
Singapore 427739

Tel: (65) 6442 5180

Opening Hours
Mon - Sun: 1100 - 1400 hours
                   1700 - 0200 hours

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