Friday, 29 November 2013

McDonald's Singapore, Kampung Burger (re-launched)

If you think the recent Ebi Burger is going to be your last fast-food meal, before going on a strict diet, you might want to hold on...

Attended omy's food tasting session, particularly to McDonald's, for their upcoming burger release!

For those nearing their 30's, you might vaguely remember the Kampung Burger, that McDonald launched 20 years ago.

Inline with the theme, each table was placed a small basket of these mini old-school games, such as five stones, foam planes, parachute man, shuttlecock, and others.. Sweet moment to relive some memories of the childhood games we played before :)

MAYDAY MAYDAY!! Oops.. crashed plane, and a ejected pilot searching for the rescue team...

Ahhhh! A small kampung community to get some help!.. Or maybe not..

Kampung Burger Special ($7.40), comes with the burger, large french fries, and Tropical Tango McFizz too. A mango drink which is quite sweet. Not advisable for non-sweet takers!!

Yummy drumlets (marinated with paprika, garlic and onions), are available at $2.00 & $9.50, two and ten-pieces respectively. MUST TRY!!!

We were presented with our burger served in banana leaf-like patterned plate. Super kampung style right! Here it is, large fries, the super yummy juicy two-piece drumlets that I wished for more, and the main highlight - Kampung Burger!

Kampung Burger consists of a crispy chicken patty, with a thick slice of pineapple ring and tangy salsa sauce.

In my opinion, while chicken patty is tender and juicy, it is not really spicy. With the pineapple fruit and lettuce, it does seem more like a balanced fast-food meal :)

What I like also is the muffin... It is the those used in the McDonald breakfast, rather than those used, such as Filet-O-Fish burger. Overall, it was quite a satifying meal, although I felt that Ebi Burger is still the best :P

McDonald's Singapore is also launching another series of plush toys! Well, mini ones, you can say... Any takers?

We have what we called the, Hamburglar.. The cutest out of all five.. Hehehehe... But Officer Big Mac looks cool too :)

Hamburglar is stealing away the Kampung burger!! Help!!!

Following up the Ebi Burger, Kampung Burger is another interesting concept too. Launching on the 5th December, it willonly be available for 5 weeks! Know where is the nearest McDonald in your location, and grab it before Hamburglar has it all!

If you are interested to collect the whole series of the plushies, here are the dates to redeem them!

Oh no... Will this cause another Hello Kitty type of craze???

McDonald's Singapore

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