Monday, 25 November 2013


Not totally new to the block, SPRMRKT is located in the middle of Tanjong Pagar and Raffles Place MRT.

They have both indoor and outdoor seatings with spacious space, making it a comfy dining place :)

They have different menus for each day except for All-Day Breakfast, thus you may either refer to the blackboard just around the cashier counter, or visit their online menu.

Drinks are Lemongrass & Honey ($5.50), and Iced Latte ($5.50).

Shoestring Fries ($5.00) with paprika seasoning to prep us for the mains!

Corned Beef Mash & Poached Eggs ($16.00), which is a layer of mash potato, corned beef and poached eggs with hollandaise sauce and mixed greens on the side. All you need to do is mix it all up. Quite similar to what I had before in SKYVE Wine Bistro, and equally delicious!

Smoked Salmon & Eggs ($16.00) with smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, toasted brioche and with mixed greens on the side. Added mushrooms ($3.00) under "EXTRAS" to it. The look of it is already appetizing right?!

Peach Tart ($7.00). Pretty normal fruit tart, but with a big piece of peach :D

One of their hot-seller, Bread Pudding ($6.00). It so delicious with the cake being warm, and pouring the milk over is so yummy! It was like the last piece on rack when I got it around 12plus. Must-try dessert! Furthermore, this is available daily :)

Located in the CBD area, you might have to expect a crowd during the weekdays. One plus point is that the chef made an effort to ask each diners for feedbacks, etc. which I believe is pretty lacking in most other places.


2 McCallum Street
Singapore 069043

Tel: (65) 6221 2105

Opening Hours
Mon - Fri: 0800 - 2100 hours
Sat: 0900 - 1600 hours (Brunch)


  1. I really like SPRMRKT too! :D Except that it gets crazy crowded during lunch hr ><

  2. Have been looking for a good Bread Pudding for quite some time and seen a lot of the ones from SPRMRKT on Instagram. About time to head down and try it for myself ....

    1. Have to head early on weekends thou.. Mine was the last when I reached around 12 plus pm! Haha.