Sunday, 10 November 2013

The Garden

Due to my lack of research, The Garden actually took me quite some amount of walking from the entrance of Beaufort Hotel.

There is this spacious area outside The Garden, which I believe can be very relaxing in a cooling day, and of course, at night! It actually overlook a big patch of greens, perhaps mini forest look-alike :P

Interior of The Garden, where this big tree adds on a special ambience to the whole place :)

Outdoor seatings are limited to this narrow stretch. But it is accompanied by a swimming pool next to it.

One special thing about this place, is that they focus more on conscious dining, as already indicated at their signage. For selected dishes you ordered, you can actually refer to their indicators!

For the full pdf menu, you may refer to their website link.

Breadroll was served without ordering. Freshly-baked bread, with some sort of a sour-cream dipping sauce. But I vaguely heard it consists of yoghurt?

For firsts, we ordered Pan Seared Scallops ($20.00), with asparagus, truffle and mushroom vinaigrette. I do love the presentation, and scallops are squishy in my mouth too!

Wild Mushroom soup ($18.00), with boudin blanc, shimeji mushroom, and leek ravioli. Taste of herbs, and it is a "clean" soup, which doesn't seems to contain much/any MSG.

Here's the mains!

Roasted Chicken Roulade ($32.00), with green pea puree, asparagus, wild mushroom, and chicken jus. Presentation is good, but failed in taste. Chicken within is hard to chew, and pretty tasteless though.

Next, Coriander Marinated Chicken Breast ($28.00) wrapped in whole wheat tortilla, with carrot-mango slaw and citrus yoghurt. This is also the only dish that has the indicator, statign contains ingredients that help to lower cholesterol level.

This is better than the chicken roulade, and there is this grilled scent from the tortilla. A bundle of carrots, with a few pieces of meat in it. But hey, I love their root vegetable crisps, as though it's LAYS?!

Generally, food are fared average, perhaps due the reason these are prepared with "health-conscious" in mind. Therefore, in terms of taste, it dropped when compared with other yummylicious food. Servers seems to be overloaded, but chef seems short-handed.

Another thing about The Garden is that you can see chef preparing your food, more like an open-kitchen type?

The Garden @ The Sentosa

2 Bukit Manis Road
A Beaufort Hotel Sentosa
Singapore 099891

Tel: (65) 6371 1130

Opening Hours
Mon - Sun: 1000 - 2200 hours

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