Wednesday, 4 December 2013

IKEA Tampines

Each time IKEA is mentioned, Food at IKEA just appears instantly in my head, and more distinctly, the swedish meatballs! Used to visit the Tampines outlet regularly for their breakfast, because I thought it was so delicious and cheap.

Thus, for the first time, I went there for dinner, and it was surprisingly a little disappointing from the breakfast I had before... Perhaps this is the difference between breakfast and dinner at IKEA?

Poached Salmon ($7.90) without the peas and corns on request. Salmon was alright but a little overcooked, and potatoes were hard and tasteless even when smeared with the sauce. I have no idea what sauce was that, but it was quite nice though.

Spring Chicken with Broccoli for around $11+, if I'm right. It was half spring chicken to be exact, but definitely more than enough to keep me full for hours. Love their spring chicken more than the poached salmon.

Normal-sized chicken wings, but I love it! It's so yummy, and for a moment I thought to myself, "I should have just ordered this as my main!". It comes in 4 or 6 pieces as stated on their display, but I saw people walking to their table with 2... .-"

Overall, Food at IKEA is great for some bites, such as the hotdog buns, or supposingly "light food" to fill up your stomach for awhile, such as the swedish meatballs and the chicken wings. But to fully enjoy your dinner, perhaps somewhere outside IKEA would be better.

Food at IKEA

60 Tampines North Drive 2
Singapore 528764

Opening Hours
Mon - Sun: 0930 - 2230 hours

*Last order at 2200 hours


  1. I also feel the same... standard has dropped. The wings was good, but used to be better. The meatballs were terrible.. (ever since they changed the recipe)..

    1. Wonder if they have received any feedbacks regarding their meatballs.. Haha