Thursday, 6 February 2014

HKC Hong Kong Cafe

Went to NEX Shopping Mall to catch a movie, and decided to have dinner first... We only had an hour left before the movie, and decided to head for this while searching around at basement 1. Tempted for Shabu, but guessed it wouldn't be an enjoyable meal if we have to limit ourselves to an hour of dining time??

Ice Milk Tea (S3.80), and Ice Lemon Honey ($3.00).

Ordered one of their dim sum items, Prawn Dumpling ($3.80).. Nothing special...

Single Roast Duck ($8.80). This actually comes with a rice for a single pax, but crew said it's ok if we want to skip the rice, since we are only keen in trying the duck meat only. Hoping to receive more meat, all because they do not have the option to order only the duck meat.. But nope..

Anyway, their duck meat is pretty good.

Also ordered the Canton Chicken Hotpot Set ($22.80), which can accommodate up to two stomachs :P

Vegetable and meat are not re-fillable, but gravy is exceptional. I really love their initial thick and sweet gravy! It is re-fillable, but they simply pours boiling water, which spoil the sweetness...

Food is limited in the menu, and pretty strict to their menu, tightening the strings to prevent you from "customizing" your orders. Crew are efficient and attentive, and food are served in less than 10 minutes.

HKC Hong Kong Cafe

23 Serangonn Central
#B1-30/31 NEX Shopping Mall
Singapore 556083

Tel: (65) 6636 8997

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