Sunday, 29 December 2013

Osaka Ohsho

I have always loved Japanese food, and so decided to try out this restaurant which looks quite reliable for a nice, and decent meal :) I am already so hungry as it's already nearing 9pm!

We went straight for set meals, which is easier to order, and faster in filling our empty stomach with food!

Mabo Tofu & Double Cooked Pork Set (14.90). Mabo Tofu is not too spicy, and pork is decently cooked. But I can't really say the same for their Gyoza, which the skin is too soft, in my opinion.

Chicken Tenshin Han Set ($13.90). I found this very appealing to me. This particular dish, is like plain sticky rice covered with a big piece of omelette, and doused with their thick sauce, which comes with a little sweetness :)

Well, I hardly missed any Japanese meal with shichimi, Japanese seven-flavored chili pepper :> I can simply pour half a bottle, and can never find it spicy enough!

Gyoza seems to appear in all their set meals. One may think it could be their specialty, but I choose to think otherwise...

Prawn Mayonnaise ($7.90). Prawns are a little squishy, but overall still a normal deep-fried prawns with mayonnaise.

Satay Chicken Wings (Ala-carte $5.90, Set meal $4.90). It's called satay chicken wings, but there wasn't any taste of satay. So much for the anticipation I had while waiting... :(

Food came pretty fast, and the whole restaurant is full of greetings to customers. But generally, food might fare average, although I enjoyed my rice omelette very much :) If they could improve on their gyoza, and match up the taste to their so-called Satay Chicken Wings, I would consider this as another of my favorite Japanese Restaurant.

Osaka Ohsho

1 Jelebu Road
#01-36 Bukit Panjang Plaza
Singapore 677743

Tel: (65) 6465 0735

Opening Hours
Mon - Sun: 1130 - 2200 hours

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