Friday, 10 January 2014

Homemade (Daiso) - Mocha Chocolate Cupcake

Whenever I was in Daiso, I will spend some time in the snacks section to see if any looks interesting to me... Of all times, I only chanced upon this recently! Decided try it out.. Moreover it's just a few simple steps :)

For a box of $2.00, you get 2 packets of flour mixture. A simple maths resulted in only $1/packet, not forgetting the hassle in the preparation to gather this flour mixture if you decide to hands-on from scratch.

Seeing a bunch of banana lying around, might as well add more flavor to my cupcake :P

The first step is to pour the mixture into a cup, and crack an egg into it. Stir to mix, and it's microwave time. *Adding of banana is optional

You can microwave it for around 1.5-2 minutes, and this is what it will become.. at least for mine...
PS: Due to the "unsightly" presentation of the cupcake emerging from my cup, I decided to place it out!

It's not the best of course, but definitely a satisfactory tea snack, perhaps? Taste of banana is not that strong, but the overall cake itself is fluffy :)

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