Sunday, 5 January 2014

Kripsy Kreme

Krispy Kreme Singapore, since Oct 2013, has attracted quite a crowd when it first opened its door. Like most companies, we were also given a box to share among, and it's their popular item, Original Glazed :)

Well, I didn't try it the other time. So here I am, decided to buy a box home, inclusive of the original and the assorted varieties!

Bought half dozen, consisting of (from left column down) New York Cheesecake, two Original Glazed, Cappucino Franco, Cinnamon Apple Filled, and Chocolate Dreamcake.

Here is well-craved by many, Original Glazed ($2.60) donut! It is indeed yummy! I really like this original glazed, and can't help to stop at just one! No wonder Krispy Kreme is intentionally selling a dozen of Original Glazed donuts only, at $23.40!

Assorted varieties donut are selling at $2.60 each, while a dozen at $26.50. Cinnamon Apple Filled (not in this photo) is pretty good too, and probably fare better than the fillings in the "M" apple pie? Haha..

I am not really a donut person, but after trying this, I have to say I really like it.. Especially the Original Glazed, which is not too sweet, and soft to "tear" the donut apart in my mouth :) But I have to say, some may find it too sweet to their liking..

Not sure about the crazy queue which happened when they set their flagship store in Singapore, but avoid the non-office hours still.. Unless you are one who like to have the sense of achievement getting it after hours of waiting :P

Krispy Kreme

310 Orchard Road
#B1-02 Tangs Orchard
Singapore 238864


Opening Hours
Mon - Sun: 0800 - 2200 hours
Fri: 0800 - 2300 houurs


  1. Still hadn't had a chance to try Krispy Kreme despite it being long opened. Heard mixed reviews about it but I guess I would definitely grab the glazed one when I am free after reading this!

    1. I believe it's based on one's taste. I quite like their original glazed, but wouldn't bother queuing if there's a long queue..