Thursday, 16 January 2014

Malaysia, Johor Bahru - Kedai Makan Hao Yu ~ 豪友点心搂 ~

After searching through places for dim sum in Johor Bahru, I came across this post by Johor Kaki. If you have a GPS, it should get you there in around 15 minutes after clearing from immigration via woodlands.

But those that are left, are not at all bad! One of the tastiest dim sum I had yet :)

Imagine biting in, and having the taste of soybean? Super tasty!

Something like juicy portobello mushrooms, and the chewy meatballs hiding underneath is no doubt to be missed either!

Exterior looks like being wrapped with mee pok, but doesn't taste like. Overall, it is something like siew mai, which I like it a lot :)

Some other dim sums we've ordered!

Century egg wrapped with meat paste? For non century-egg eaters, the taste of century egg is not significant. Perhaps worth a try? :)

Char Siew Pau! Fluffy white bun, with hot and steaming char siew...

Definitely worth a few more return trips whenever there is a crave for dim sum! For a feast on all their items, you definitely have to reach there before 11am. Their popular item includes century egg porridge, custard pau (流沙包) and bean paste pau (豆沙包).

If you can't be there early, you can give them a ring to reserve the items! How convenient and friendly of them to do so :) Oh, don't worry.. Food will come steaming to your table too!

Kedai Makan Hao Yu 豪友点心搂

Jalan Bakawali 76
Taman Johor Jaya
81100 Johor Bahru Malaysia

Tel: (60) 07 354 2708

Opening Hours
Mon - Sun: 0600 - 1530 hours

*Closed on every Sunday

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