Thursday, 27 February 2014

2 Degree Ice Bar (20 November 2013 - 15 May 2014)

For those who have been to 2 Degree Ice Art, located at Marina Bay area, their Ice Bar shouldn't sound at all unfamiliar to you. Perhaps, famous for smashing their ice mugs against an ice wall..

I had a visit to the Ice Art just right next door. Can't expect a grand exhibit, but temperature can be really freezing cold, the longer you stayed in. What's more? A playground toward the other end of the exhibit, and also the place where man-made snow was created. I was actually expecting the whole exhibit to be "snowing", but to my disappointment, it's just a small area by the playground.

Anyway, feeling excited about the Ice Mugs and bar food, we headed over to Ice Bar once we are done with the walking, photos, and playing the ice slides.

Seating are both indoors, but one with the freezing cold temperature, and another is much warmer. A better place for people who can't stand the cold...

Ordered some bar food, which took some time to arrive... Maybe their food is cooked in such freezing temperature too, that longer time needed to heat the stove? Well...

Full menu is view-able from their website.

Tender Tofu ($10.00).

Triple Cheese Pizza ($8.00). If you used to dislike pizzahut or any others, you will learn to appreciate it after having Ice Bar's pizza!

Coming to this... Wings Obsession Platter ($25.00), supposing to come with wings of classic, spicy, braised, and prawn shrimp flavors and fries.

We ordered Wings Obsession because it as stated in the menu that we get to try 4 types of wings and with fries. When it came, there's no fries, and wings tasted all the same?! Questioned the crew, and guessed their reply? "There's a mistake with the menu. Actually fries are not included and we have ran out of spicy and braised wings.". They have to be questioned before we knew about this.. Meaning they are hoping patrons to not notice about it, and they can escape freely? Diners expect whatever they see in the menu to be on their plate too. If you are missing out any item, isn't it your responsibility to inform the diner before order was even placed to the kitchen?

FYI, they also have classic wings (without fries as well), for only $15.00. Look so much worth it to order the classic wings. Crew simply brushed it off like it isn't their problem when we questioned them about the discrepancy between what was present on the plate and against the menu.. I can make better and yummier wings than them.

In any case, the main highlight is still the empty ice mug ($3.00). Had Green Tea and Lime Juice at additional $6.00 each to have the ice mug filled .-"

This is what becomes of the mug(s)...

Totally a disappointment and could have spent the money elsewhere with better service and food quality. Environment wise can be an experience, but not worth the food and a second visit...

2 Degree Ice Bar

Sheares Link
Bayfront Avenue
(Right beside Bayfront MRT Exit A, Opposite Marina Bay Sands Casino)

Tel: (65) 6288 6656

Opening Hours
Mon - Thurs : 1500 - 2300 hours
Fri: 1500 - 0300 hours
Sat: 1200 - 0300 hours
Sun : 1200 - 2300 hours


  1. gosh..that certainly wasn't worth the price! and it seemed more like a chance to churn profits rather than creating the experience :/

    1. my exact sentiments... perhaps buying food from coffeeshops and blasting aircon in my room to its lowest, will be a much better option!