Monday, 10 February 2014

Lynn's Cakes & Coffee

Chanced upon this small cakery shop, and what attract me is the simplistic color and interior design.

While the seats are limited, it does still gives you the warm and welcoming feel.

Right behind the cashier is a glass panel where you can see the backend preparation before bringing to the showcase display.

Drinks and food menu are available at the cashier. They do serve plain water, which is at your own service :)

Not sure if their food menu is changed daily, as present date is indicated at the top of the menu. But based on what we saw, they served salmon/prawn pasta, chicken meatball pasta, nasi lemak, tuna sandwich, turkey ham and turkey bacon sandwich, and french fries. Again, a simple menu for the likes of the locals!

French Fries ($5.00). One of those fries which I prefer over the skinny fries we have in fast food restaurants...

Prawn Pasta ($14.00). Linguine served with pan-grilled prawns. Look delicious and with crunchy prawns, but linguine is not able to perfect the dish.

Rainbow Beauty ($8.50). Pretty big slice, with beautifully colored layers :) Each layer does not have unique taste of its own, but the biting in to the soft sponge, and the fair level of sweetness might provoke your tastebuds for more!

Personally, the pasta did not get into the likes of mine, which is acceptable for me, as their focus is more on cakes. Therefore, their cake is pretty commendable, based on the rainbow cake we had. Should be worth a visit to them for a slice of cake and tea for hi-tea :)

Lynn's Cakes & Coffee

11 Eng Kong Terrace
Singapore 598983

Tel: (65) 6314 2886

Opening Hours
Tue - Thurs: 1100 - 1900 hours
Fri - Sat: 1100 - 2100 hours
Sun & P.H.: 1100 - 2000 hours


  1. I have heard about this place. It is next the necessary provision right? Looks like I need to make another trip down to check out this place. Thanks for the review.

  2. That rainbow cake seems delicious.

    1. Not bad :) Visual itself is already enough to capture your stomach glands! Haha