Monday, 24 February 2014

Teck Teochew Porridge

Not long ago, I have blogged about my visit to Teochew Porridge Restaurant, the craving never stops...

Luckily, I managed to find another, which might also seem to be a household name among the Teochew porridge lovers!

It might seem disappointing, as there's limited variety based on the food displays. You are fooled! Grab hold of the crew or a piece of order-chit, and instead you could land yourself in a decision-dilemma :P *click on the photo for magnified view

For a porridge meal, braised dishes are the best combination, in my opinion.

Beancurd ($2.00).

Tau Kua ($1.00).

Pork Intestines ($6.00). Mushy in the inner, not really my preference.

Pork Trotters ($5.00). Realized this wasn't checked in the order-chit, and went off from my seat to get it done! Quite a fair amount of lean meat, with no strong vinegar taste and isn't too oily. Recommended dish!

Another recommended dish is their Braised Duck ($8.00). Duck meat is well braised, with meat being soft and tender. In fact, their pork belly looks good too while seeing them slicing it for other diners.

For the vegetable section, ordered only Sweet Potato Leaves ($5.00). Used to love sambal-cooking style, till my parents decided to eat "healthy" and went for stir-fried. Ever since, I prefer the latter :) Vegetable isn't overcooked, but seems like a strong pinch of garlic has been thrown in.

Skipped salted egg for Minced Meat Omelette ($6.00). Could be a favorite dish among kids, and is mine too since young :)

Batang Fish ($7.00) is priced based on seasonal price. Nothing special about this, except that one needs to be careful on the bones. This could possibly be one of the cheapest fish dish, as fish like pomfret could cost you around $32.00.

To me, it's a rare sight to see porridge stalls selling crabs and other seafood-relevant food. As most are priced based on seasonal price, do check out from the staff before placing your seafood orders happily :P

Not sure which was the exact reason, be it super yummy or super duper hungry... But we each had two bowls of white porridge ($0.40/bowl), and with bill totaling to SGD44.60. They have a wide variety from traditional porridge items to some zi-char "煮炒" dishes. It really makes me feel like filling up every boxes with my ticks!

Heard that it used to be situated at Joo Chiat, but relocated here. Seeing the consistent positive reviews, and the constant diners streaming in to have their stomach filled, you can guess the popularity of this porridge stall :) Definitely a return trip again for me!

Teck Teochew Porridge

128 Tembeling Road
Singapore 423638

Tel: (65) 9880 7932

Opening Hours
Mon - Sun: 1000 - 2200 hours

*Closed on every alternate Tuesday

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