Tuesday, 18 February 2014

The Audacious Cakery

My first thought goes like, a western-like dessert shop under HDB?

Anyway, I was invited along for food-tasting.. Or rather, cake tasting. I didn't researched about the location till I reached there, and realized it is housed under HDB. Well, the whole stretch of the corridor are full of shops, which is unique to me. If you are looking for a common space such as void deck, you might want to re-navigate your direction.

It is a small cakery with limited seats, both indoor and outdoor. But they are still accommodating if you are having a bigger group.

Found this VERY interesting book on sale. Yes.. The three little pigs.. Who didn't heard the story before right.. But, what about "The Three Little Pigs Lah"? I flipped open the book, and found an interesting sentence written by the author!

Pretty much in contrast with our traditional way of coaching kids. Doing the opposite might actually ease their curiosity and learnt that this is not an appropriate language since young?

Individual items are not listed in their menu, but it pretty much gives you an overview of their prices. If you noticed, they do have sandwiches too! As you can see, they do not serve "sweet tooth-ers" only, but also targeting another group of people for the usual meals.

An overview of what we were given initially...

On the left is Zen ($8.80) which says aromatic yuzu and fromage blanc with citrus center on a jaconde sponge. To the right is Strawberry Shortcake ($6.80) made with fluffy white sponge, layered with succulent strawberries and luscious vanilla cream.

If you are not sour-taker, Zen might be a skip then. It is pretty sour, but still manageable as compared to those sour-coated sweets? Strawberry Shortcake is a little plain in taste, in contrast with the former.

From the left, we have Matcha ($3.50) which is matcha Italian meringue buttercream served on a full-bodied matcha cake made with green tea from Japan. Chocolate Cream Cheese which is made of Valrhona chocolate with cream cheese sprinkle and Valrhona chocolate shavings. Lemon Raspberry ($4.00) which is lemon Italian meringue buttercream made with homemade raspberry jam core on a vanilla buttermilk cake sprinkled with raspberry croquelin.

I love their cupcakes, generally. I love it because their cake is firm and doesn't drop bits and pieces as you bite. Furthermore, its comes with a little sticky feeling in your mouth which makes it easier to chew :) Having to said that, Matcha and Chocolate Cream Cheese are the two favorites of mine! I love the taste of raspberry, but Lemon Raspberry cupcake is quite plain in taste in the outer, till you reach the core where the raspberry jam is.

Lemon Meringue ($5.80), a luscious tangy lemon tart made with French churned butter on a biscuit base. Foret Noir ($9.80) consisting of Valrhona dark chocolate mousse, Kirsh soaked cherries and Kirsh cream on a dark Valrhona chocolate genoise.

Lemon meringue is another sour.. no... much sour than Zen. Took a few mouths, and have to skip the remaining tart... On the otherhand, I love their Foret Noir. It is expensive if compared with the other cakes, but worth the price! Need not necessary be an alcoholic drinker, as the taste can be pretty mild. In fact, its the cherries that are being soaked, so you can skip that if you prefer.

Most would have thought that there will only be two cherries. But surprisingly, they have more cherries within! I strongly recommend this, because it is just so yummy!

Earl Grey Creme Brulee ($6.80). If you are an earl grey drinker, you might love this. Taste of TWG gentlemen earl grey tea leaves, and topped with a contrasting layer of hard caramel. It was an interesting taste for me initially, but subsequent feedings makes me feel weird with the tea taste. Perhaps just me, as I am not really a person who loves earl grey a lot.

Remember that I mentioned the word "initially" way at the start of the post? Here is why I said so. I am so full from the cakes and all, when we were given another two plates!!

A plate of macarons :) From the left we have the Lemon, Peanut, and Salted Caramel flavors, each costing $2.50. The macaron shells are not airy, where I tried before macaron shell with "empty spots" making it seems like eating crispy biscuit?

Finally to the last plate, Irish Cream Alcoholic ($4.50). It is a Guinness stout cupcake with whiskey ganache filling and Baileys Irish cream cheese frosting. 

Seems to be targeting mainly drinkers, but may shun those who are not excellent drinkers. Well, alcoholic taste in desserts ain't the same as drinking from bottles. But if you are not a great drinker, and you are driving, it's still safer not to have it :P 

Having to introduce new items to your menu constantly, is a must in my opinion. The Audacious Cakery is one that is in-line with my perspective, as I believe such way not only retain existing customers, but also attract new "sweet tooth-ers".

Generally, this dessert shop deserves a thumbs up for its pleasant service, and their cakes which had my tongue moving non-stop!

The Audacious Cakery

2 Everton Park
#01-61 Singapore 081002

Tel: (65) 6223 3047

Opening Hours
Mon - Sat: 1000 - 1900 hours

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  1. Seems like it almost didn't get your thumb up. I actually find the cakes over hype.