Thursday, 6 March 2014

LeBan HK Cafe

Intention to have dinner at Upper Thomson Road was an impromptu decision. Was driving along the stretch, when I chanced upon LeBan HK Cafe, which I wanted to visit quite some time back. Not giving it a miss this time!

Menu is viewable from here.

Out of curiosity, we ordered the Salted Egg Fries ($5.90). Much more like creamy salted egg sauce poured over the cheese.. Something out of the ordinary, and its pretty good!

Crispy Butter Bun with Condensed Milk ($4.00). Comparing with the menu illustration, it seem that the condense milk was either forgotten, or evaporated... Nevertheless, it tastes deliciously sweet! 

Swiss Sauce Chicken Wings ($6.90). Guess they are trying to make it taste like sweet & sour pork. Sauce is good, but quite bland in taste for the rest beneath the skin.

Pork Chop Baked Rice in Creamy Sauce ($8.90). You can opt for tomato sauce too, but since I'm more of a tomato-hater.. So.......

Sizzling Crispy Noodles with Jumbo Prawns ($8.50). I didn't get to try it, but received feedback that it is not bad. Quite a big portion, I have to say... 

"LeBan" in direct translation to Chinese, is known as Happy Boss. Perhaps they can also call it "LeKe", which means happy customers! Food is good, though menu is quite limited. Sides are interesting and yummy, and mains are not disappointing too :) What's more?? Opening till late makes it another favorite supper spot for me!

LeBan HK Cafe

2 Jalan Leban
Upper Thomson
Singapore 577547

Tel: (65) 6257 8801

Opening Hours
Mon - Sun: 1200 – 0200 hours

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