Sunday, 2 March 2014

Malaysia, Johor Bahru - KinsahiYa Japanese Restaurant

PS: Pics are taken from phone

It wasn't our intention to dine in a mall, but due to the CNY period, and still in the day 3 "phase", most restaurants were closed, and our only hope was to get into the mall and see whatever was available...

KinsahiYa Japanese Restaurant came to our attention with its classy feel, and the crave for Japanese food just kicked in!

Do not be mistaken if you keep seeing crew looking at their wrist-watch, and amazingly all are wearing the same type!

It's actually a watch that indicates which table is calling for service, via a device placed on every table. An audible beeping sound will be sounded, so do not be alarmed if you start to find this an irritating noise to your ears :P

From left: Plum Juice (RM6.90), Grape Juice with milk (RM6.90), Ice Ocha (RM2.50). They do have hot ocha (RM2.00) as well as a pot (RM5.00).

Not sure about the grape juice, but plum juice seem like a success :)

One of the ala-carte we had, Gyoza (RM9.90). Their gyoza skin is not crispy and hard, and one bite into it will get the juice in it to flow out. Super yummy! It's something I won't mind going back for!

Volcano Maki (RM17.90). This on the other hand, is quite a disappointment as it fare an average...

Chicken Teriyaki (RM13.90). Not bad, but still fare an average as the teriyaki sauce is lacking in flavor.

To the mains...

Beef Teriyaki Bento (RM24.90). Definitely comes with a bowl and miso soup and rice. Top corner right include guava fruit.

Spicy Miso Ramen (RM16.90) for the large serving. They have smaller serving at RM13.90.

Tempura Udon (RM18.90). This came a shock to us, as the udon is such a small serving.

Curry Udon (RM17.90) is another item I would for again. Thick curry that made me slurp down every single udon with satisfaction :P

Of course, regardless its rice or noodle, I will never forget my shichimi :) Yes, I can be a spammer for this :$

Crew are responsive to your "calls" and food is satisfactory. Price wise is comparable with dining back in Singapore, but still worth a visit if you are nearby AEON.

A manager, I assume, came to our table with a bill without us asking for it. We didn't thought much of it, but she later returned and explained that she had made a mistake with another table which was asking for the bill instead. Nevertheless, the bill for our table was no mistake, and it wasn't much of an hassle then :)

KinsahiYa Japanese Restaurant

8 Jalan Indah 15/2
Lot F09 AEON Bukit Indah Shopping Centre
Malaysia, Johor Bahru 81200

Tel: (60) 7235 8087

Opening Hours
Mon - Sun: 1100 - 2200 hours

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