Monday, 10 March 2014

Malaysia, Johor Bahru - Restoran G Cheong Fun

Sourced out by my friend, we decided to head to this restaurant.. What intrigued us to drop them a visit? Their interestingly handmade chee cheong fun, and curry sauce?!?!?!?!

They do not really have a menu list, but their food and drink items are practically paste on their wall.

At a glance, I knew I wanted the 3-Colored Milk Tea (RM3.00). I had ordered the same previously from Mongkok Dim Sum. Equally nice, but the one from Restoran G Cheong Fun, won majority of my heart :) Tea, milk, and probably honey at the bottom.. Fantastic drink!

The five different types of chee cheong fun! Which are the ones you will order?

If you have realized, numbered 3,4 and 5 are not the usual chee cheong fun we been having all the while. It has been cut into stripes like "kway teow", and poured with sauce over to complete it..

Not forgetting what we came here for... Curry Chee Cheong Fun (RM2.20). Curry isn't spicy, but taste a little salty.

Honey Char-siew Chee Cheong Fun (RM3.50). Yes, we do have this in Singapore too.. But the difference lies in the char siew. Their's come in mashed type, unlike others, where one can still bite on the char siew filling.

Another of their signature chee cheong fun, which they called it An Shun Chee Cheong Fun (RM3.50). Frankly speaking, I love this the most! It seems to be made of yam and sprinklers of preserved vegetable, also known as 菜捕 in mandarin.

They also have other sides which are tasty too!

We were also recommended to try their Pork Skin with long beans. The pork skin seem and taste like what we usually have during Chinese New Year, fish maw (鱼鳔). Doesn't taste fattening at all, and is drenched with their non-spicy curry gravy.

To speak the truth, the food which costs us around RM31 isn't super awesome, or any "wow" factor... But still, it is able to satisfy my stomach, and worth another return trip! Interesting flavors they have for their Chee Cheong Funs, and the sides are pretty tasty too. What's more? It's probably around 15-20 minutes drive after clearing Malaysia Immigration :)

Restoran G Cheong Fun

176 Jalan Pahlawan 2
Taman Ungku Tun Aminah
81300 Johor Bahru Malaysia

Tel: (60) 017770 9886

Opening Hours
Mon - Sun: 0530 - 1800 hours

*Closed on every Tuesday, except on Public Holidays


  1. Something different. We don't get to eat chee cheong fan in curry gravy and pair with savoury ingredients. My recent JB food trail I also stop over here to try the chee cheong fan.