Monday, 17 March 2014

Mama Panda Kitchen

When River Safari first opened its doors to public, no doubt pictures of panda pau were running hysterically in instagram. I find it pretty cute, and decided to queue for it, where the queue was pretty "short"... for a normal working day, Monday...

A glimpse of the menu.

They have two flavors for the panda pau, which are red bean and chocolate custard.

Red Bean Panda Pau ($2.90/ea, $11.50 for 4). Worth the money to force yourself to get the discount of $0.10? You decide...

Expect nothing, but a cute panda pau, with normal serving and the usual taste of red bean we have in coffeeshops.

Crispy Chicken with salt and pepper ($6.90). Chicken meat is quite tender, and not bad though. Perhaps one of the few dishes worth ordering?

The one in total white is Longan Beancurd ($2.90), and the other is Mango Pudding ($2.90). Longan Beancurd taste of almond, and comes with two longans residing at the bottom. Beancurd quality is firm, unlike those we usually have.. erm... not to my liking...

Mango Pudding is average too, but at least better than Longan Beancurd. Sweeter?

Personally, food here is pretty average, and not worth the wait if its going to take ages for one to be even near the ordering counter. The only thing that might interests one, could be the panda pau which just seems to be an overpriced normal red bean pau. It's like paying an extra $1+ for the panda face decoration on it?

Mama Panda Kitchen

80 Mandai Lake Road
River Safari
Singapore 729826

Tel: (65) 6269 3411

Opening Hours
Mon - Sun: 0930 - 1800 hours

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