Thursday, 20 March 2014

Necessary Provisions

It was quite a disappointment, when our schedule got screwed, and brunch was dashed! Went to The Grandstand, hoping to see cafes/restaurants having brunch.. But seems like pacing around there 10-15 minutes doesn't help!!

Luckily a little research helps, and decided to sit-in in Necessary Provisions after giving it a call.

It isn't a spacious place. I can understand why no reservation is allowed then :)

It's more like a communal place, where people can sit together, have a chat and do some reading or school work.. All while having a sip of their coffee and drinks.

Right in-front of the cashier, they have a table full of pastries. It looks appetizing, but we gave it a miss...

We ordered Houjicha Karigane Cold Brew ($6.00), Iced Latte ($5.50), and Freshly Squeezed Orange + Grapefruit Mixed Juice ($6.00) for drinks.

I didn't get to try the Houjicha, but received feedback that it is bland, and almost tasted like plain water? Iced Latte is pretty good, and so is the Mixed Juice :)

Menu is "Pte Ltd" kind. Say like, only 8 items to choose from (excluding pastries) in the day, and 9 items for dinner menu. Even so, we took a long time to decide on our food.....

Toast with Cashew Butter and Jams ($4.00). A pair of toast for this price is definitely not worth it, and not what we have expected it to be. But, their bread is really awesome!

Banana Nutella Panini ($5.00). We believed this can be easily made from home, which is sandwiching banana and nutella in between. Or perhaps anything that goes with nutella can never go wrong? :D

Beef Pastrami, Brie and Whole Grain Mustard ($9.00). Another to-go for item! I am glad I chose this for my main :)

Their sandwiches seem satisfying, where the downturn is their "super" limited menu. But this place is a definite place to relax, sit back with your laptop or devices while enjoying a plate of pastries or a cup of drink to spend your time away :)

Necessary Provisions

21 Eng Kong Terrace
Singapore 598993

Tel: (65) 8231 7920

Opening Hours
Tue - Thurs: 1000 - 2200 hours
Fri - Sat: 1000 - 0000 hours
Sun: 1000 - 1800 hours

*Closed on every Monday

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