Monday, 21 April 2014

Hoopla Coffee & Kitchen

I have never heard of a road named "Media Circle", and first thought that came to my mind was, "definitely in the west!".

True enough, after googling the place out, it is near the AYE exiting Portsdown Road. Ok, somewhere in between West of South of Singapore? It seems quite inconvenient to get there, unless you are driving, or you have a "chauffeur" to get you there :) As much as I can remember, I don't really see any bus stops nearby......

Not too hard to miss. Just entering the road the first cafe around the corner is Hoopla! Interestingly with an old-timed bicycle for recognition!

They do not have outdoor seating. But personally, I feel that their indoor is pretty neat and spacious.

They have some interestingly painted words and drawings which actually helps to forget a little of the long-awaited food.

Hoopla's Menu.

Drinks: Iced Espresso with Milk + Chocolate ($6.50), and Freshly squeezed Orange juice ($6.00).

Espresso is not bad, but somehow I never get to taste the presence of chocolate in it.. Or is my tastebud rejecting chocolates!!?? But their orange juice is definitely freshly squeezed. The tad of sourness in it, and I knew it!

Mains: Sali's Baked Eggs ($15.00), consisting of Hoopla Pomodoro, smoked salmon, 2 eggs, emmental cheese, and toasts.

Salmon is good, and sauce is pretty much like tomato sauce. If you're a spaghetti lover, you might like this dish. I'm not really a spaghetti lover, but the level of the tomato taste is just right, and I love to dip my food along with it!

Mains: Full English ($18.00), consisting of mushroom, sauteed potatoes, grilled tomatoes, chicken sausage, toast, vinegrette greens, and a choice of poached/scrambled/sunny egg.

I requested for exclusion of tomatoes, in exchange of more mushrooms, and also asked for a scrambled :) I love every item in this dish. The potatoes have a little raw taste in it, which seems to be freshly peeled and prepared, instead of refrigerated. Sausage is soft, and a little springy. Furthermore, my scrambled eggs are done pretty well. Runny, watery type... Just what I wanted!

Side Bites: Breaded Chicken Poppers ($9.00).

I love the light amount of salty, but not spicy taste when you put in your mouth! But no matter how poppers we "pop" into our mouth, it seems to be more like eating squid than chicken :P In other words, chicken meat is a little hard, as though we are eating calamari rings. But overall, a nice side to order.

Desserts too, but gave it a miss that day.

Just right beside Hoopla, it's another cafe named the "Revolution Coffee". Haven't went to take a look at its menu, but am impressed by the color-striped short chair (or whatever you called it). It totally just reminds me of how my family used to own one of this back then...

Anyway, I will definitely head back to Hoopla for food, and perhaps bringing some more friends over :) For coffee, perhaps Revolution Coffee might be able to serve something more impressive? At least the name of the cafe does!

Oh! If you have some time on hand after a full meal there, you might want to proceed to the basement of the building, where there is a mini garden-like place for some OOTDs or a small walk to kill off the bloated feeling in your stomach if you had a food too much :P

Accept Reservation: Yes

Hoopla Coffee & Kitchen

21 Media Circle
Infinite Studios #01-05
Singapore 138562

Opening Hours
Mon: 0830 - 1800 hours
Tue: 0830 - 1600 hours
Wed - Fri: 0830 - 1800 hours
Sat - Sun: 0900 - 1800 hours

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  1. I was just at Revolution Coffee on Sunday, when I saw Hoopla. THe food and coffee at Revolution were good, I liked it. Hoopla's food looked less impressive than Revolution's. But I think I'll try Hoopla this weekend.