Monday, 28 April 2014

Paris Baguette

Chanced upon Paris Baguette a few times in Tampines, but never walked near to it, because of the crowd. So here I am, in Changi Airport, where queue is much shorter and more welcoming!

I forgo the chance of sitting down, and "enjoying" the shivering temperature of the airport, in exchange for takeaways!

My loots!

Prezzo Flat Bread - Bacon ($2.99).

Italian Chicken Calzone ($3.83).

This is my favorite out of the 3 I bought. Look of it is like curry puff, but the moment I hold it in hand, it is soft like cooked wanton skin, but much thicker. Love the taste, and its simply flavorful.

Fresh Egg Tart ($2.43).

I compared with this with Tong Heng's Egg Tart, and I prefer the one from Paris Baguette.

Concept is like our regular coffee joints, but with more varieties to select! One of their popularity is also the Pudding, which is not in my post. Bought before the Original, and Mango Pudding. But I find it too watery and too sweet for my liking. Anyways, I do feel that I will still be patronizing them real soon as a regular customer! I really love their breads!

Paris Baguette

Airport Boulevard
Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 2 Arrival Hall

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