Thursday, 17 April 2014

Taiwan, Taipei - Random Food

Managed to get on a 3-4 days of overseas trip to Taiwan earlier in March, and was looking forward to it since February! This is my second time (only) to Taiwan, and for goodness sake, I still can remember how friendly Taiwanese are, how orderly they are while queuing for trains, as well as their night markets!!!

Reached the hotel which is located about 10 minutes walk to Zhongshan Elementary School MRT station, also known as "中山国小". Nothing much around the hotel, except for a mini night market just along the stretch. And guess what's for my dinner that very first night?!

I was recommended this very popular shop selling goose meat! I left the ordering to my friend, and I just sat back to be caught in the surprise he ordered...

Definitely the goose meat. Generally all dishes are slightly salty, as the goose was boiled to cook, and salt used to cover the "fishy" smell.

One of my favorite, most of the time when I order chicken rice. But this time, its the goose's turn! Goose gizzard.. I seriously have no idea which part of the animal gizzard belongs to, but I just love the firm yet bouncy feel with each bite my teeth bites in.

The first look of it, and I knew what is was. Goose blood... I remembered having pig blood made into ice cream-like shape. Just one small bite, I can totally forget about having another bite :( But this is slightly better, due to the salty taste. I tried to stomach in 2 pieces, and the story ended.

We took a walk around the market, and bought the, what he called "鸡扒". The "扒" actually refers to the hokkien dialet, meaning "balls". Well, it seems like a popular dish as every bowl handed out to customer seems to be the same, although the stall do sell other normal food... The feeling is like soft on the outside but firm on inside, and seems to spurt a little liquid as you bite through. Same here, I managed to ate 2 pieces, and left the rest for my friend who is a fan of it!

Taiwanese sausage? This is made of wild boar meat, and it is really delicious! Forget about the oil and fats you are absorbing... It is god-damn yummy!

One of the popular place to go if you are in Taipei, which is Ximending (西门町). Here houses shops, similar to our Bugis street, where food, apparels, accessories, and professional services are scattered throughout the area.

And if you are in Ximending, you might probably heard of "阿宗面线". Its like our common oyster mee sua, easily bought at Shilin outlets throughout Singapore. But instead of oysters, they replace it with pig intestines! One of my favorites!

Shilin Night Market, as one would have said, should not be missed if you are in Taipei. Well, I took a stroll there, but found that it seems to have more shops selling commercial products than food! But of course, it might be due to the on and off rainy weather, which make it seems quieter than what I had experienced years ago...

On another night when I was free, I took a cab to another popular night market, which is a little farther away as compared to Shilin Night Market, Raohe Night Market (饶河夜市). Right here, I can guarantee that food occupies 70-80% of the night market! Definitely an exploding stomach while on the way back to hotel if you are not a food-picker!

Grilled squid! They basically grilled on the spot for you, and prices are based on what they are left with in their bucket. Love the springy feel when chewing!

Similar to "Lok Lok" in JB, while some might even claimed its better! I do have to admit the variety might not necessary attract snackers of all types :P Especially if you are not into the organs...

A long queue enticed me to join in. Something like egg dough meant for kids? I do think that the cartoon characters are interesting enough to get you in the queue! It may be for kids, but adults seems to be the one eagerly waiting for their turn :)

Milk bottles for adults? Some kind of syrup drink to be mixed with water for dilution. Its pretty good, but my wallet would be more willing to empty some bucks if the drink has already been diluted for us, and able to drink right on the spot:P

Jelly-pop, and that's all to it...

Fried milk balls .-? There wasn't much of a queue when I first took notice. But finding the title interesting, I went up to take a look... The moment I looked up, I realized a queue has just formed!!! Well.. I joined in the fun :P It was good, where exterior is crispy, and interior is still firm as though eating soft milk candy?

臭豆腐! Fermented Beancurd! Rumors are that fermented beancurd dismisses a strong odor? But if I were to ignore the signboard, I wouldn't knew its that smelly beancurd most people detest! Served right from the wok, I "daringly" sat by it and ate the bowl given to me... I really enjoyed it though... except for those slimy blocks of pig blood :(

Basically these were what I ate and took during my 1-2 hours of walk in the Raohe Night Market... Walking your way through the night markets, really does make your trip to Taipei worth while :P

Before I forget... I was told to look for XXXL Chicken Cutlet in Shilin.. While that was not found, another was discovered at Raohe! "Face Big" Chicken Cutlet! Hahahahahaha!!!!

Ok.. back to my hotel..

Breakfast is quite standard almost every morning. Having Chinese style breakfast instead of the western makes my body feel "cleansed".. Haha.

Do not quite remember where I was, but there's this popular rice dumpling shop by the sea, probably around Yang Ming Shan National Park (阳明山). We did a simple drop-by for lunch for their dumpling sand some cold side dishes.

Hot bowl of meatballs soup does help in the chilly and drizzling weather of Taipei in April!

Escargots? Not in my mind that I have eaten this before, but I prefer it to be hot though. Nonetheless, I had like 2 or 3 of this :)

There's also this place where it has a big plot of land, planting Calla Lilies. A great place for landscape photography, and for paying NT300, you get to bring home a small bunch of self-grown Calla Lilies home :)

Here, they have a restaruant too. And we ordered this basket of colored man-tou (馒头) to cushion our stomachs before the main meal... Pretty tasteless, but bun is fluffy :)

I feel that Taiwanese are "amazing" chefs when comes to minimizing food wastage. Do you agree? They basically make use of almost any part of the animal - killed for food, into another popular dish known by the locals, but surprisingly amazing to foreigners like us? If you have been there, I believe you know what I meant...

In any case, Taiwan is always a good place to travel to, where people are friendly, food are cheap and delicious in night markets, especially.. A great place for photography and sightseeing by the outskirts too! Woah, I'm drooling to head back there again!!!


  1. nice post! tried the pig's ice-cream previously and couldn't take it too. will give the goose meat a shot on my upcoming visit, is it inside the mini market at Zhongshan?

    1. Yup! Its called 双城美食街. Somewhere on the right side if you entered from the place where watsons is on your right and cosmed on your left :) Hope it taste better than the pig blood for you. Haha.