Monday, 14 April 2014

The Lawn

I was invited by The Lawn Cafe to try out their grills and salad, along with 2 of my friends.

On first thought, one may think that "Salad?? Please leave me out as I'm a carnivore"... Well.. Salad can also be delicious too with the correct mixture of your favorite fruits and vegetables, and most importantly the sauce too!

They have 2 outlets, and I do feel that Biopolis can accommodate more people, and has a nicer place for some photo takings :)

Loving this cute little beanie, I suppose!

Concept is more of like a self-service. You grab and fill up the piece of order chit on the right hand side of the entrance, and hand over to the cashier for further "processing".

Unlike other salad places, you will not really be able to view what they have. You basically have to order based on what you see from the order chit / reviews from others. But seriously, we were caught in a dilemma for their grills and toppings...

Here are what we had for salad. In our bowls are only the base and toppings, as our grills and dressings are served seperately, by recommended by the outlet manager :) We all had the salad bowl ($7.90), which includes mesclun salad with 5 toppings and a dressing for finish! Grills are optional and chargeable.

First up is mine! For my 5 toppings, I chose baby potatoes, sliced egg, pineapples, raisins, and grapes :D

Next up contains baby potatoes, sliced egg, carrots, onion, and tofu. This seems much more like what you should be having at a salad bar right? But I don't my stomach will settle just for this :P

Lastly, baby potatoes, sliced egg, green apples, and grapes. Only 4 toppings because of indecisiveness. Haha!

They have 12 dressings in total. Start from top left corner to right, in a zig-zag manner, we have the Wasahoney (Premium dressing +$1.00), Me so Spicy which taste and smell like our belachan, Red Island, Apple Cider Vinaigrette, Perky Sesame Ginger, Citrus, Honeyball, Manly Mango (Premium dressing +$1.00), Beachy Peachy (Premium dressing +$1.00), Wafu, Maple Peanut, and lastly, Balsamico with Olive Oil.

"Oh man.. Come on! Where's the meat!!!!!" Alright alright... The meat we had were specially served in plates for us rather than being mixed with the salad. Thus, the amount stated below does not represent the value of a whole plate.

Char-grilled Prawns with Garlic ($3.00) and Butter-seared Pacific Dory with Parsley Rub ($3.00). Prawns are definitely fresh and crunchy, while dory fish is smooth and soft!

Chicken feast!!! Hahaha. Chicken Breast with Maple Infusion ($2.00), Chicken Breast with Fresh Herbs ($2.00), Char-grilled Cajun Chicken (2.00), and Grilled Teriyaki Chicken ($2.00).

Aceto Balsamico Beef Cuts ($4.00).

Ben's Beef Rub ($4.00).

If you are sick of eating salads and want some real carbos, they have the Olive Rice ($7.90) which comes with additional side salad and a dressing. Although the olive rice was cold when served, but the taste of it in your mouth is pretty defining!

In case you are confused with what we have...

Does this amount of food seem crazy to you??

This is how the order chit looks like!

That was a fulfilling lunch on a weekend.. But because of the amount of food we gobbled down, we really wondered if it was really "healthy" afterall. LOL! I think we were more of like binge eating instead!

Anyway, their salad are definitely of standard. Extensive menu and sauces to select from, does make one fill with anxiety to finish up the ordering, but also with a wider variety, one can also repeatedly visit them again and again to try out different mixings and sauces :)

Conveniently located at CBD and also at Biopolis, it does seems to target white-collared whose majority mindset are set on healthy food... But no matter how health conscious you are, their grills are a must try too!

The Lawn

1 Biopolis Way
Nanos #01-07
Singapore 138669

Tel: (65) 64789739

Opening Hours
Mon - Fri: 1115 - 2100 hours
Sun: 1000 - 1600 hours

*Closed on every Saturday

8 Shenton Way
AXA Tower #B1-11
Singapore 068811

Tel: (65) 65348749

Opening Hours
Mon - Fri: 1030- 2100 hours

*Closed on every Saturday and Sunday

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  1. So u went to the Biopolis branch. I like the space at Biopolis more.