Thursday, 8 May 2014

My Awesome Cafe

Been seeing instagram of My Awesome Cafe pictures uploaded by foodies alike :) Being tempted to give it a try, weekdays seems like a better choice, especially when it is situated at CBD area! You may be thinking where is the cafe??? Forget about looking for "My Awesome Cafe" signboard.. Instead, the enlarged chinese characters (中华医院) are the ones you should be stretching your neck for :)

Am not really sure the reason for placing the ammunition box at the entrance of the tables. But I assume something to do with geomancy? :P Just kidding...

Menu is clipped to a board with chinese wordings, meaning I am hungry and a little thirsty :)

Drinks: Orange Juice ($5.00), and Mixed Berries Smoothie ($8.00). The latter drink is disappointing because it is almost bland to taste :( I had to force myself to drink it so as to justify the $8.00 spent!

Main: Croissant + Scrambled Eggs + Smoked Salmon and Cheese ($8.50). I love their fluffy croissant and runny scrambled eggs :D

Main: Herbs Chicken Breast Sandwich ($12.00). I thought it would be like chicken breast mixed/marinated with herbs.. Served on 4 slices of baguette, it consists of a pair with chunks of sliced chicken breast, and another pair with herbs "jam" spread on it. It's quite ok, but main complaint is the hard baguette :( A normal toast would be more to my liking.

Saw this laid across the table near the counter. Not sure what it is, but looks good for a dessert!

Service attitude is friendly, and serving time is acceptable around less than 10 minutes. Although I did not really enjoy my brunch there, I will still drop them a visit again because their scrambled eggs are the runny ones that I like, and trying their pastries :) Blame it on me to have chosen the wrong sandwich and being too busy to enjoy my meal there :(

Accept Reservation: No

My Awesome Cafe

202 Telok Ayer Street
Singapore 068639

Tel: (65) 8428 0102

Opening Hours
Mon - Tue: 0745 - 2100 hours
Wed - Fri: 0745 - 0000 hours
Sat - Sun: 1000 - 1500 hours


  1. Have you heard about the bad service saga?

    1. Heard about it! But during my visit, the service seems fine to me though. Perhaps crew was in bad mood other days? Haha. But I met a friendly crew who served us :)

    2. When this place opened, and because I got to speak with some of the team members (professional and polite), I heard that the business had grown too fast and that they did not have enough manpower. Hearing this from their team was a clear sign of acknowledging and accepting their mistakes. When I went back two weeks ago, they had a full team on and I have to say that the service was also excellent for me. It's all about giving people and places a second chance (as the team clearly expresses) rather than judging on the spot, which is a favourite hobby in Singapore. So to those who had a bad experience, give it another go, and then judge. I like this cafe and also understand that they can't please everyone, at least they please me...

  2. are you part of the crew?

  3. Tried My Awesome Cafe finally and it was Awesome!