Wednesday, 14 May 2014


Went for food tasting at RELFECTIFF, which is the first al fresco gastrobar right in our very own Changi Airport! Although it's supposed to be open platform type of dining, but we were relocated to the lobby lounge of Crowne Plaza due to the rain... Quite a pity, as the outdoor seems so well-decorated. Indoor is not bad too.. At least cooling temperature is guaranteed in our usually hot and humid country :)

REFLECTIFF's outdoor platform makes a great alternative for group gatherings and not being too affected by stares around when loud laughs are made :P REFLECTIFF have created quite a conducive environment with high backed armchairs and soft ambient light for a relaxing drink and leisure chat with acquaintances.

Since we were there for dinner, the second picture credit to REFLECTIFF themselves.

Wide selection of food, including tapas, light food, and even asian food such as fried rice and hor fun! Drinks can be limited to those alcoholic-lovers, but I believe most their options listed will not disappoint you.

Charcuterie Plate ($36.00) was served to us first. Serrano Ham, Chorizo, Salami, Queso Manchego, and Multi-Grain Bread. In case you are not aware, this plate is made of beef, so refrain from ordering this if you a non-beef eater.

Luckily I am a beef eater and also a lover for it! Else, I would have missed this awesome tapas!

(From the left) Oyster Kilpatrick ($34.00), made up of Bacon Rashers, Bread Crumbs, Cream, Spinach, and Onions. Smoked Salmon and Grissini Rolls ($28.00), having Sour Cream, Pistachio Crunch, Edible Flowers, and Balsamic Reduction. Streaky Scallops ($24.00), prepared with Bacon, Herb Butter, Croutons, and Mixed Salad.

Love and hatred for the Oyster Kilpatrick. Love is because of the sweet crunchy bread crumbs that I can't resist not swallowing every tiny bit of it, and hatred because I'm not a "oyster-nivore"... Although I don't quite like the raw taste of oyster, the bread crumbs kind of cover up some of its "raw-ness", leaving a satisfactory smile on me :)

We ordered quite a number of "sweeteners" to end our meal after the tapas. There is no dessert menu, but all are refrigerated at the counter display of the lobby lounge.

First one is the mango fruit tart.

One of my favorite - New York Cheesecake, encircled with Graham cracker crust and topped with fresh fruits!

Durian Mousse Cake, one of their best-sellers! Dense durian puree mousse on the soft pandan sponge cake, topped with durian puree packed profiteroles.

I heard about the rave, but it doesn't really suit my taste as the flavorful taste of durian seems too light for me.


REFLECTIFF's finale - Liquid Petite Four ($20.00). If the sequence goes correctly from the left, it should be Grand Marnier, Kahlua, Baileys, and Macchiato.

I drank baileys before, thus it is no stranger to me, no knowledge about the other two. Basically the best way to drink this, is to combine all 4 together. So, we got an empty cup, and pour a little of each, and drank it. It definitely tastes so much better than we having to sample each of it individually. Do a dare if you like, with your friends!

There is an on-going promotion in REFLECTIFF, where you get to enjoy a complimentary glass of house wine with every order of main course from the Light Choices or Asian Selection! Catch it before you missed it :)


75 Airport Boulevard
Crowne Plaza Changi Airport Level 1
Singapore 819664

Tel: (65) 6823 5367

Opening Hours
Mon - Sun: 1700 till late hours

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  1. The mango fruit tart even got golden leaf seh, atas fruit tart.