Thursday, 22 May 2014

Sik Bao Sin

Met up with some other food bloggers like Rubbish Eat Rubbish Grow, Pinky Piggu, SG Food on Foot, and DanielFoodDiary for dinner during the weekday.

Suggested by Rubbish Eat Rubbish Grow, we arranged to dine at Sik Bao Sin, which means "to eat first", translated from Teochew dialect. Being here since beginning of the year, it has certainly won numerous heart of diners. Of course, I'm one of their new-comer :)

Simple interior design, or perhaps little effort spared on it. Such actually does create a more relaxed and easy dining atmosphere :)

Menu is as simple as it seem. With only 13 dishes, you can expect quicker turnover? In addition to its non-price listed menu, I bet you are sensing overpriced or unconscious over-stuffing :P

Anyway, almost all the dishes are tongue-licking good, and the dishes came to our table with our nostrils "asking" for more!

First that came to our table is the Black Chicken Soup ($25.00). I like how flavorful the soup is in my mouth, and the aroma when it came to our table. Yes, you can literally smell it! Black Chicken may be tasteless, but soup is definitely a "must order" to complement the other dishes :)

Next is the Steam Pork with Salted Fish ($14.00). This dish is best to with rice, due to the salty taste. Minced pork meat is firm when you bite in, and tender as you chew on.

Came next is Steam Fish Head ($25.00). As commented by Rubbish Eat Rubbish Grow, standard has dropped at least for that day, as the one he had before was much better. Perhaps just my luck :( Fish does not seem fresh, thus seems to be losing out a little on the smooth and moist texture.

Tofu Prawns ($19.00). I love the thick gravy over my rice!! While in some places the tofu is totally "friendly" enough, Sik Bao Sin allows you to enjoy the soft tofu with a little of gravy flavor absorbed in.

Lastly, the Kailan Beef ($25.00). Kailan is not overcooked, as the stem is crunchy, and the leaves are so tender! This dish has definitely won Pinky Piggu over! But other than the Kailan, the beef is so chewable in my mouth. Thumbs!

Place is spacious with countable tables within a glace. But food is served pretty fast, and they do automatically filled up your chinese tea for you. Though the dishes may seem like simply home-cooked type, but customer service is good, and food is definitely worth going back for. With a total bill of up to $114, it's quite worth it!

Furthermore with its location in Geylang, some durians as dessert doesn't look like a bad choice :)

Sik Bao Sin

592 Geylang Road
Singapore 389531

Tel: (65) 6744 3757

Opening Hours
Tue - Sun: 1145 - 1430 hours
                 1745 - 2130 hours


  1. Sik Bao Sin should be from the Cantonese dialect rather than the Teochew dialect. In Teochew it would sound like this, jiak ba seng ;) love the photos :)