Thursday, 29 May 2014

The Corner Place Korean BBQ

I have not stepped into Marina Square and its premises for probably months. If you were to compare the before and now of Marina Square, you will be seeing more dining options!

Happened to saw this small place at level 4, Marina Square's food court. The Corner Place Korean BBQ is not really located at the most corner, but I don't really think anyone will care right? As long as food is yummy, I wouldn't mind where it is, even if it is located in the carpark!

Decided to try their buffet which is only available for dinner during the weekdays, and whole day for weekends. Of course, ala carte menu is available too, throughout the week.

Took a walk around after being ushered a table, and found that variety wasn't a splendid one. But most of the raw food (meat) looks appetizing to be taken for bbq-ing, and the ready-cooked dishes doesn't seems bad either.

There is this huge plate of ready-cooked glass noodle, similar to the Chinese version of rice vermicelli. Wasn't really expecting any good taste out of it, thus it took me by surprise after I tasted it.

I liked how "gluey" the noodles are, such as it stay at the spot in your mouth while chewing, and comes with a mild sweet taste. But it also has a weird after-taste, which I can't really describe. Overall, still one of my favorite in The Corner Place Korean BBQ!

As recommended by The Corner Place Korean BBQ, Ssamjang is a winning sauce in their restaurant, ideally for meat lovers! Indeed, the sweet taste of the sauce does enhance the flavors of the meat. Furthermore, it isn't spicy at all, which I believe can be enjoyed by most diners.

Kimchi Fried Rice, one of their other ready-cooked food, is kept in the rice cooker. So you expect the fried rice to be still warm :) Wouldn't mind scooping another bowl for it!

Another ready cooked food you should not miss is the fried chicken wing. I expected it to be dry and soggy, but it went the exact opposite of my thoughts. Yummy!

Some of the BBQ food I took :) Their meat are really yummy, as it is well-marinated and juicy, especially for their beef!

I set my expectation pretty low, and got surprised by the quality of the food and service provided. For the price of $31.98 (lunch), else $37.98 (dinner), I think it is still quite reasonable. Free-flow of drinks and delicious food, and positive attitude of the crew does create a livelier dining atmosphere! But note that you will be given only 2 hours for the BBQ-ing. Sound stressful for the heavy eaters?

I believe most places might not even care, but The Corner Plae Korean BBQ's crew took the initiative to change the aluminium foil every now and then, when 70-80% of the foil is charred. This really took me to agree that this is one of the applaudable service I've seen in various BBQ places.

Accept Reservation: Yes

The Corner Place Korean BBQ

6 Raffles Boulevard
#04-102 Marina Square
Singapore 039594

Tel: (65) 6333 0997

Opening Hours
Ala Carte
Mon - Sun: 1130 - 1430 hours (Lunch)
                     1730 - 2200 hours (Dinner)

BBQ Buffet
Mon - Fri: 1730 - 2200 hours
Sat - Sun: 1200 - 2200 hours

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