Monday, 12 May 2014

Two Chefs Eating Place (Sin Ming outlet)

If you are one of those tze-char (煮炒) likers, and best, staying in the west area, Two Chefs doesn't sound strange to you right?

Yes! Located along Commonwealth Link, I've been there twice with my parents. Twice as well, having difficulty to find a parking lot, and twice again to grab a table! It's really popular, but because of the crowd, it kind of spoilt my mood to take on the "journey to west"...

I accidentally chanced upon the signage "Two Chefs Eating Place" after parking in the HDB carpark, behind Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery, popularly known as 光明山, along Sin Ming Avenue. A thought immediately struck my head, "Did Two Chefs have another outlet?". Well, a small research paid off, and here I am, back another day to kill my craving for Two Chefs after like a few years!

Similar like their flagship in Commonwealth, it is situated in a coffeeshop environment, and still crowded around 2130 hours on a weekend.

Two-paged menu, which isn't too hard to decide on your order right? :)

Jelly Drink. Not too sweet, perfect!

*All items are priced at the size of a regular serving, for around 6 pax.

Crunchy Hong Kong Kai Lan ($10.00).

Prawn Paste Chicken ($12.00). When this came, all of us went bewildered. It doesn't look like the usual crispy fried type in other places.. Although the chicken chunks are juicy, but a crispier outer would fetch more points!

One of their popular signatures, Honey Fried Chicken ($12.00). Crispy chicken with thick honey sauce "combed" all over it! Love this!

Stirred Fried Beef with Ginger and Spring Onion ($12.00).

Coral Beancurd ($10.00). Oh my... If I am given the chance to make one of the dish as the signatures, this will be one of them! Dripped the sauce with your bowl of rice, and this is good enough! The sauce is the essence of this dish, in my opinion :P

Butter Ribs ($12.00). Another of their signatures, but I am still doubtful... Ribs are tender, and the butter which taste more like milk powder is quite nice too. But the combination just don't solve the puzzle.. It somehow still remains as two separate entities.

A dish that is generally exist and almost on every table on tables while eating out on tze char stalls... Curry Fish Head ($23.00). Curry is not too spicy, and quite thick. Fish is fresh of course, but whole dish is just faring an average.

I don't mind making another visit, as I still believe their standard should be better than this. Hopefully Two Chefs is still upholding the high popularity among heartland diners :)

Accept Reservation: Yes

Two Chefs Eating Place

409 Sin Ming Avenue
Singapore 570409

Tel: (65) 6451 3812

Opening Hours
Mon - Sun: 1100 - 2230 hours


  1. I have not gone back there since my last visit. So many more places to go such as Ban Leong and New Ubin Seafood.

  2. I agree about the butter ribs. Firstly, it's not butter - it's milk powder. And yes, the two flavors don't meld...