Monday, 2 June 2014

Backstage Cafe

Cafe set in an industrial area, wasn't what I thought would be sloppy service and food.

Backstage Cafe can be easily seen from along the street due to it's big signage!

Spacious cafe, I have to say. Crew smile upon you while entering the cafe, which pretty much make up your day ya? Believe hosting parties and such would make an enjoyable experience!

They have various menus, and most importantly, weekday quick lunch for the "saddening" 1 hour lunch of the "workies" :( But we went during the weekend, which means brunch!!!

Clipboard is available at each table with the menu and order chit. Although dessert is in the menu too, but somehow it wasn't all listed as in their display set at the counter.

Drinks - Iced Cappuccino ($5.50), and Iced Cafe Latte ($5.50). If you prefer to hot version, it is just a dollar less.

Main - Smoked Salmon Benedict ($15.00). Freshly poached eggs on toast accompanied with sliced salmon top with hollandaise sauce and mesculin salad. We had the salad switched to sauteed mushroom with an additional dollar.

I love poached eggs which are nicely done with runny yolks. The one that came to our table, has one almost cooked, but another to make up for former :)

Main - Backstage Breakfast Combo ($15.00). Freshly toasted bread with bacon, honey baked ham, sauteed mushroom, grilled fresh tomatoes with melted cheese and mesculin salad, accompanied with choice of egg (scrambled/egg white/poached/sunnyside). I have the tomatoes changed to mash potato, and surprisingly my sauteed mushroom went missing and fries appeared magically...

Went for the scrambled, which I quite like it due to the adding of black pepper which enhance the plain eggy taste. But the scrambled is a little overcooked, which wasn't the wobbling type I wanted :( Generally the rest of the dish is fine.

Crispy Fried Chicken Wing ($8.00). 4 pieces of wings which are fried to crisp and juicy in the meat. Thumbs!

Signature Cheesecake ($6.50). I ordered this because it says "Signature..". I love cheesecakes but this is not so "cheesy" as I would love to have. Would be an option for "less-cheesy" peeps :P

Food is satisfactory and aromatic as it arrives at your table. It may not be an awesome brunch, with some minor flaws, but overall still able to get you carrying your stomach out of the cafe happily :)

Although situated in an industrial area, it is not as empty as I had expected. People started streaming into the cafe in groups, and soon after, the aromatic smell of the food filled the expanse in a short time!Furthermore, complimentary parking :D

Accept Reservation: Yes

Backstage Cafe

158 Kallang Way
Safekeep Building #01-06
Singapore 349245

Tel: (65) 6743 6893

Opening Hours
Mon - Sat: 1100 - 200 hours

*Closed on every Sunday

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