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Dian Xiao Er (Healthier Dining)

Needless to say, majority of diners are gearing towards healthier lifestyle and nutritious dining options. Yet saying of healthy food, most would relate to more vegetable, less meat, and even less tastier food. All in all, ruining your appetite and unable to justify the money spent!

When Dian Xiao Er (店小二) sent out an invitation to me, in conjunction with their partnership with Health Promotion Board (HPB), I am quite skeptical to the kind of food served! Yet, this seems like a considerable move to attract a new group of diners to Dian Xiao Er - Health Conscious Diners.

I love Dian Xiao Er for one particular reason out of many - Chinese dining theme! They do have modern theme as well in selected outlets, for youngsters whom have zero interest in Chinese culture. NEX Mall is one of the spacious outlet in Singapore, able to host big groups, and even Chinese wedding dinner, although a small-sized engagement type would seems more suitable.

Due to the partnership with HPB as mentioned before, Dian Xiao Er will also be revamping their menu, with cute visual cues and estimated calories intake to inform diners about the healthy choices they can go for. This makes selecting of healthy food easier and informative to diners.

For a start, these were the dishes served to us. Mouth-watering upon reveal of the menu, but what about the actual food itself?

Signature Roast Duck! It comes with either of the 3 flavors (Angelica Herb ($13.60), Ten Wonders ($13.90), and Wild Ginseng ($14.30)), and you just have to pour in on to the roast duck and start tucking in. All 3 sauces are delectable, and do add another layer of tastiness to the already juicy and tender roast duck!

Fish Maw Soup with Seafood ($16.90). Whenever I am eating steamboat during Chinese New Year, I know fish maw will definitely be available, and I love it so much! Dian Xiao Er has prepared the fish maw to softness, making it easier to bite through, and the smooth thick consistency of the soup is just so yummy!

Double-boiled Black Chicken Soup ($7.30), Stewed Crocodile Soup with Sweet Almonds and Chuan Bei ($7.60), and Double-boiled Wintermelon Soup with Conpoy ($7.30). All 3 soups are cleansing to the throat, making way for more food to "slip through"!

Although I am a person who like to try different kind of food (as long as it's edible), yet crocodile meat which is available in Singapore, hasn't been on my tongue before! Popular to most belief, crocodile meat taste like chicken meat, and doesn't really have any weird aftertaste.

Hong Kong Style Steamed Silver Cod Fish ($26.90). How can anyone not like cod fish (鳕鱼) right?! I love cod fish, because of its soft and silky-like meat in my mouth! In addition with the superior soy sauce used by Dian Xiao Er, I just can't stop wishing for more!

Baby Kailan with Salted Fish and Lime ($9.90). Crunchy leafy with a unique way of serving with the addition of lime. Refreshing dish, but the mild sour taste of lime on the kailan does not really appeal to me.

Seafood Combo with Assorted Vegetables ($15.60).

Claypot Braised Sea Cucumber, Mushroom and Pork Tendon ($26.00). I admit that I have almost zero  resistance for claypot braised dishes! Sea cucumber is marvelous when it is soft and mushy type, and Dian Xiao Er did just that!

Stir Fried Bee Hoon ($9.90). Dian Xiao Er's beehoon is dried beehoon type, but with a twist in it. Their beehoon has a springy texture, and furthermore it seems that beehoon is well soaked and stir fried, making the moisture still stay within. Love it!

Besides the healthy food we were served above, Dian Xiao Er also added 2 more dishes, but not under the healthy food recommendations. Well, after a feast of healthy food, I believe it's alright to reward ourselves with some oily food?

Mongolian Spare Ribs ($13.90). These ribs are specially sourced for ease of consuming at smaller pieces for diners, which I think is quite a considerate thought from Dian Xiao Er. Coated a mild layer of spicy sauce, and with the sweet and sour tinge plum, this plate of rib is another dish to go for, if you are not into the health-conscious type. Meat comes off the bone easily, less the biting and chewing and the unrefined way of dining out! Haha.

Marmite Superior Chicken Wing ($10.90). This is my favorite dish, in comparison with Mongolia Spare Ribs. It has this sweet savory taste, and the chicken is tender and juicy. Thus, it's alright to lick off every inch of the bone!

Dian Xiao Er has always been proactive in serving healthier food options, and this partnership has indeed gain them more exposure! With healthier food preparation methods, such as the use of rice barn oil, Dian Xiao Er also ensure that tastiness and flavors will not be compromised.

Good news to add on is that this revamped menu with health informative content will be available in all Singapore outlets starting from 18 July, and will be a permanent concept going forward.

Dian Xiao Er also came up with a pair of lunch sets, suitable for a pax of 2. This option make lunch ordering easier for office workers, especially during the peak lunch hours. Eating healthy is like one of the top priority in most working adults nowadays!

As part of the partnership with HPB, Dian Xiao Er is one of the participating food establishments for the loyalty card programme. All you have to do is to earn a total of 5 stamps for each dish under the "Healthier Choice" category, and you will be eligible for the lucky draw! What a great deal, to have a healthier meal and also able to stand a chance to win things home! Note: Lucky Draw Contest Period end on 25 October 2014

If you are "picture paints a thousand word" savvy person, there is also a social media campaign in taking a photo of your "Healthier Hoice" dish and upload to either Facebok/Instagram with hashtag "#healthycanbetasty". This can win you 50 pieces of $20 dining vouchers weekly, by being the first 50 person to receive 50 likes for the posted photo! Note: Contest Period end on 25 July 2014

Dian Xiao Er

23 Serangoon Central,
#02-09 NEX
Singapore 556083

Tel: (65) 6634 4828

Opening Hours
Mon - Fri: 1130 - 1500 hours (Last order 1430 hours)
                 1730 - 2200 hours (Last order 2130 hours)
Sat - Sun & P.H.: 1130 - 2200 hours (Last order 2130 hours)

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