Monday, 16 June 2014

November 8 Coffee & Company

I have known and been to this area, Thomson, for years, but not even once I took notice of this building called Thomson V Two. It is kind of like a hidden gem where it houses several cafes in this humble site. Needless to say, with the numerous sprouting along the main road of Upper Thomson Road, Thomson V Two can easily be forgotten.

It took me several turns and getting my navigation on track to locate this building (all blames credited to my GPS)... Was there early, thus took a walk and realized there is nothing except cafes, which took up a majority of the spaces. November 8 is the minority of the cafes opening at 1200 hours, but we decided to stick to our choice whilst walking around the others.

Wooden furniture, and music and brewing coffee as companion, it is indeed a cosy cafe to dine at. This rugged feel tend to make me feel at home, always :)

Simple November 8's menu with every thing else categorized for ease of browsing.

Mains: Oven-Baked Salmon ($20.00). Herbs-marinated Salmon with cauliflowers and baby carrots.

This main is not well-received by us because the salmon fillets, the highlight, are over-cooked. The meat does not fall off nicely upon slicing, and is a tad tough.

All Day Breakfast: Big Breakfast ($20.00), consisting of scrambled eggs with bacon, gourmet pork sausage, gourmet york ham, premium smoked ham, tomato and mushroom.

In contrast to the Salmon, we have little complaints; perhaps a little seasoning to the scrambled eggs would be nicer.

Thin Crust Pizza: Japanese Pizza ($15.00).

Crust is indeed thin and dough is believed to be handmade. We love the contents, and have managed to taste out the inclusion of wasabi, mayo, sotong, minced meat (perhaps), and strangely with a mild taste of salmon?? Overall, pizza is great, but crust is too hard. It does take us awhile to tear apart the slices let alone chewing.

As mentioned earlier, I love the cosiness of the cafe, but service can be improved, such as the serving time. We are like probably the 3rd table to be filled, yet food took almost 20-30 minutes to appear. Attitude of the crew is satisfactory, and as we observed, diners are filling in the blank tables within the 30 minutes of our waiting time for food. Generally, November 8 is worth a visit!

November 8

11 Sin Ming Road
#01-30 Thomson V Two
Singapore 575629

Tel: (65) 6554 4388

Opening Hours
Mon - Sun: 1200 - 0000 hours

*Closed on every Wednesday

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