Thursday, 12 June 2014

Sinpopo Brand

Finally caught some time to travel to Joo Chiat area to try out Sinpopo Brand! Has been in my waiting list for months, and finally I can gladly strike it off with a smile :)

If you do remember the type of gramophone record our parents used to have to listen to their songs, you might be somewhere "old". Haha. Hardly anyone use this type of discs anymore, but it does make you ponder on the revolution of the digital era.

Sinpopo Brand provides both the hardcopy menu for your reference, and an order chit to mark your orders. Payment to be made first before food are served.

Drinks: Sng Muay Pop ($3.90) and a cup of hot Homemade Barley ($2.90).

Barley is definitely homemade, and the taste of thick barley as compared to other places which I assert as diluted homemade barley, is just the right level. Neither is it too sweet or too bland.

Sng Muay Pop is just another awesome drink I love! I believe this can be easily made at home though. It seems something like a slice of sour plum being placed in ice ball and mixed with calamansi and even soda drink to be served. Sinpopo's menu says to suck on the ice balls to relieve the childhood experience of sucking on the traditional ice popsicle.. Do you feel the same?

Sinpopo's mains may seem simple and are also widely available in our markets and food courts. But I strongly believe that they will be able to give me a better experience of the traditional local food. Thus, I placed my trust on Sinpopo, and had my lunch with them!

Hot Food: Scissors Cut Rice ($8.90), a popular street food of soft chicken wings, crispy pork cutlet, egg and cabbage, served with curry gravy. I have tried this in food court before, but it is never the same as what I had in Sinpopo. Thick gravy, crispy and soft, are exactly as they described in their menu. One thing that's not met is the egg. Menu stated runny egg yolk, but mine came "solidified". Am I missing out anything?

Hot Food: Zi Pao Kai with Bee Hoon ($8.90). Another traditional food, where marinated boneless chicken chunk is being paper wrapped. The chicken is really tender and juicy, to an extent where I think 3 pieces is soooo not enough!

Hot Food: Ngoh Hiang ($7.90). I love having this in the past when I visit the coffee shops. I chose what my favorites and just wait for it, very much similar to the Indian Rojak.

The only difference is that you do not get to choose in Sinpopo. It is fixed, and comes with fish cake, five spices meat roll, prawn fritters and chinese sausage. I do enjoyed all of it, except for the fish cake, which seems tasteless. Else, go along with the chili sauce that come with it!

Hot Desserts: Pulot Hitam with Coconut Ice Cream ($4.90). This is one classic black glutinous rice dessert back in the coffeeshops when I was still a kid. As much as I can remember, it is usually coconut milk, but Sinpopo replaced it with coconut ice cream, which is equally yummy!

Cold Desserts: D24 Durian Cendol ($4.90). You can expect basic ingredients such as coconut milk, jelly noodles, red beans, grass jelly, corn and such, topped with shaved ice, palm sugar and mashed durian meat.

I did not try this at all, as durian is expendable to me, even though is it the king of fruits, and a favorite among most locals. Besides, I only eat durian when I feel like it. Haha. Based on feedback, besides being too sweet, there is nothing to be picky about.

Cold Desserts: Ais Bor ($3.90). Very similar to ice kacang/cendol, but this time shaped in a ball. A ball of ice, with the ingredients like corns, attap chee, jelly noodles, red bean, etc within.

Didn't knew that this was a dessert popular back in our parents era, each costing at only 10 cents, and supposedly to be eaten with hands. Size of the ice ball is about the same as claimed by my mum.

My method of eating: Breaking the ice apart, and eat up the melted ice and ingredients, like drinking soup.
My mum's method of eating: Breaking a hole in the ice, and eat the dessert in an outward direction.

Located along the shop houses opposite 112 Katong, and in the midst of cafes and restaurants, I believe Sinpopo Brand is one of the cafe that will keep on satisfying diners in the long run. Although they are more popular with their desserts, Sinpopo's mains are not to be taken too easily as well. For a side note, their desserts might be too sweet for some people. So if you can't take any excess sweetener, you might want to inform them to go easy on it.

Generally, Sinpopo Brand can easily be treated as a simple dining place for the elders, where they can recollect some old memories of their childhood. Of course, you need not be "that" old to enjoy the ambiance there, but certainly there are some desserts not easily found in other places, which you enjoy popping into your mouth :D

Sinpopo Brand

458 Joo Chiat Road
Singapore 427671

Tel: (65) 6345 5034

Opening Hours
Tue - Thurs: 1200 - 2200 hours
Fri - Sat: 1200 - 0000 hours
Sun: 1200 - 2200 hours

*Closed on every Monday


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