Thursday, 26 June 2014

Taiwan Railway Bento

When people hear of bento, most would link it to Japanese Bento, where parents will prepare interesting food patterns for their kids to bring to school for lunch. But, what about railway bento?

Having originated all the way from Taiwan, and as the name describe, such bentos are usually seen in railways or trains, consumed by the Taiwanese while buzzing their way around. While in Singapore, we have to suffer the heavy fine even for sucking on sweets in trains, the best we can enjoy it is to visit Taiwan Railway Bento, a small shop space located both in CT Hub and International Plaza!

If you are coming during the peak hours, be prepared to wait. Was there on a weekend, and place is still pretty crowded around 2pm. Waited for a nice 10-15 minutes before we got a seat, and our food being served shortly as orders were taken while waiting.

Menu is very limited, with less than 20 options. But as far as it suits the theme of this small eatery, we should not expect a long list of dishes like in restaurants. Such menu is just nice :) A fast and easy meal for working adults and those who prepare to get on their way soon after a meal.

Really can't resist ordering this, Fried Intestine ($3.50). It may not be as flavorful as those we had in "Kway Chap" stores. Perhaps lacking of the braised sauce, it will still do good with some chili sauce.

Fried Chicken Cutlet ($4.00). Meat is tender, and with a tinge of saltiness. Something like "盐酥鸡", pretty addictive.

We totally skipped the local bento, and aimed straight for the traditional bento, which I believed is more to the Taiwanese favorites.

Stew Pork Belly Bento ($6.80). Comes with vegetables, half of a braised egg, a thin slice of Taiwanese sausage, and beancurd. For having pork belly bento, do not expect to have mostly meat and no fats.

Soya Chicken Cutlet Bento ($6.80). Same as per Stew Pork Belly Bento, except that Pork Belly has been replaced with Soya Chicken. Personally, I prefer this as it seems less oily :P, and of course loving the soya taste. Tender and juicy chicken for this bento, totally no regrets!

This is how your bento are being served - in this small bento box.

Overall, a worthy place to dine at, but do not expect an awesome meal. Afterall, this is still a small eatery, serving more of like quick and easy meal :)

They do takeaways too if your location is not far from theirs. So does it look like another option to dine in the comfort of your office now? :P

Taiwan Railway Bento

2 Kallang Avenue
#02-16 CT Hub
Singapore 339407

Tel: (65) 6538 0019

Opening Hours
Mon – Fri: 1100 – 2000 hours
Sat & Sun: 1100 - 1500 hours


  1. wow their business so good now. You have to wait for 10-15mins now!

  2. sometimes 30 min also no seat lo. go dinner time better