Monday, 9 June 2014

Wood Shed

If you have never been to Rangoon road, it is somewhere off Balestier road. I have been there before with my parents to try the bak kut teh many years back.

Wood Shed Cafe is located at around the secluded corner of Rangoon Road, at least it is to me. If you have heard of the Bak Kut Teh in Rangoon road, Wood Shed Cafe will be easy to locate! Plus with their color-rotan chairs placed outside, they sure know how to provide "eye-candies" for onlookers :)

Considered one of the spacious cafe I have visited recently. They provide free wifi, iced water, and phone charging cables too. What I like about their interior is raw look of dried cement on the ceiling, making it seems like an industrial unit. Furthermore, their chairs and tables are of several kinds, crushing out the traditional way of consistency.

From what I heard, Wood Shed started out with drinks and pastries, thus it seems reasonable to me that they only have 4 options for All-Day Breakfast. Perhaps for now?

They do have cakes, which are window-displayed at the beside the cashier. No idea why these are not listed in the menu though.

All Day Breakfast: Full-House ($15.90), having the scrambled eggs, cheese sausage, bacon, mushroom, potato, salad, and 2 pieces of lightly toasted bread.

I love their cheese! They seem to be too modest in their bacon, but I liked how it is not too over-cooked till crisp. One complaint is the bread which I suggest should be toasted a little longer, as it is losing the crackling sound while you bite or slice over it.

All Day Breakfast: 2 of a Kind ($13.90). As it's name explain, it comes with 2 baked eggs, bacon/ham with double cheese, potatoes and greens served in bread cups.

This duo is like the poached eggs type, with the yolk sweeping out as you sliced open the bread cup. Splendid!

Waffles: WoodShed Special Waffles ($13.90). Creation comes with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, a gigantic strawberry, and few slices of banana.

If only the waffle can be a bit more crispier, it would have been a perfect ending for this meal!

Although waffle is slightly disappointing, their mains fared much better. Quantity may seem little, but definitely a filling meal for us! Lively and cozy ambiance adds another plus point for youngsters to hang out, and families to have their weekend brunch with their kids!

Accept Reservations: Yes

Wood Shed

204 Rangoon Road
Singapore 214581

Tel: (65) 6299 4308

Opening Hours
Tue - Thu: 1100 - 2200 hours
Fri - Sat: 1100 - 2300 hours
Sun: 1100 - 2200 hours

*Closed on every Monday

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