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Just along Bukit Timah Road, it is just after Coronation Plaza, and in-between lies a big drainage which isn't too hard to figure out. Parking space can be taxing, but if you manage to wander to the landed, just right behind the cafe, you might be able to catch an empty lot!

The inside of Choupinette can be quite squeezy and crowded, especially during the weekends. I waited for like around 15-20 minutes before I was ushered to a table.

If you ain't the "mains" type like burger, brunch, etc., Choupinette do have pastries and cakes too.

Choupinette's food are priced a little steep when compared with other cafes, but as a saying goes "you get what you paid for". So is it worth the price? A La Carte / Brunch Sets

We ordered brunch sets, because we are here for brunch! Brunch set comes with 2 drinks, which you can choose any type of fruit juice, and either a hot coffee/tea/chocolate.

Eggs Benedict's ($25.00). It has poached eggs on toast with ham and hollandaise sauce. I love their hollandaise sauce for being thick and creamy, and poached eggs are boiled to have the yolk oozing out like volcano lava! No wonder people are saying Eggs Benedict's is a must-try item in Choupinette :)

The Tristan's ($24.00). Choose between scrambled/poached/fried eggs, and comes with pork/chicken sausage, mushrooms, and a wholemeal bread roll. Ordered the pork sausage, which is definitely handmade from the look and taste of it. Everything on this plate is just so awesome, except for the bread roll which is slightly tough to bite and a pathetic amount of butter.

"100 000" ChouChou ($4.50) for a stick of donuts sprinkled with tiny sweet pops. Basically sugar coated plain donuts, which I managed to stomach them all in. Fluffy and well sugar-coated donut just makes up the complete brunch of mine!

It was a filling brunch that totaled up to less than $60.00. Love their service attitude and wide variety of breads for diners who not used to having eggs and sausages to kick-start their day :)

Choupinette is able to accommodate big groups, and only accept reservation if you have 6 pax above. Else, just let them know of your presence, and wait for them to clean the seats for you :)

Accept Reservation: No


607 Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 269708

Tel: (65) 6466 0613

Opening Hours
Tue - Sat: 0800 - 1900 hours
Sun: 0800 - 1800 hours

*Closed on every Monday

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