Thursday, 17 July 2014

Full of Crab

I've been hearing of "hands-on" crab feast, which is like a trend now in Singapore. Forgo your utensils, and back to basic!

I was invited by Full of Crab (FOC) to try out their specialty with some discount off the total bill. I'm like looking forward, as it was the highlight of my day! Totally unable to concentrate till dinner time!

No giant crab mascot or whatsoever to welcome you in, but a sea theme and a lighthouse right in front of you, supposedly to light your way in :) Full of Crab has also built their place partially with wooden planks, which can be a little highlight for all ages!

I loved especially the installation of these ceiling lights. Design of fishing net with dangling fishing weights and mini floats!

Each person will be provided with an apron which can prove to be a great "shield" against the crabbies! It is actually to prevent the sauce from staining your clothes. Crew will drop a handful of chips on the table, almost similar in reason, to how Chinese restaurants serve a plate or two of peanuts.

Two-sided menu in something like A6-sized. You can either order the seafood catches individually, or refer to the back-sided for combos and other sides.

As you would have realized, it states "Market Price" for their seafood catches. There are two places to check out the prices though. One of it is at above the counter when you walked in, and another above the lighthouse at the other end. One would have missed it, because they were not placed prominently.

If you own a Maybank card, you are in luck for a complimentary Twiggy Fries with any combo order! Another catch you should get before its too late!

Alright, Let's Get MESSY!!! 

Ordered a few sides, to go along with the combo :) 

Calamari Rings ($8.50), with choice of either tartar, mayo, ranch or veggie dip. Nicely fried outer to crisp, and springy sotong beneath.

Cajun Wings ($10.00). Their Cajun Wings is another of my favorite, and sure-must order when I visit them again! Mild spicy, with juice oozing out at each bite into the wings.

Full of Crab is not stingy with their complimentary Twiggy Fries ($6.00). Long skinny fries with crispy outer, could be a hot favorite among the kids too :)

Captain's Choice ($94.00 - Market Price) with 2 pounds of Sri Lanka Crab and 1 pound of Shrimps. You will be asked to select your flavor (Cajun/Garlic Butter/Fully Loaded) and spiciness (Mild/Medium/Hot). We had the Fully Loaded, which is the combination of cajun and garlic butter, and Medium level for the spiciness!

You will be seeing crew carrying a big bucket, around the size of a typical water pail in the shop. They are not being unhygienic, because inside the pail lies not dirty water or such, but YOUR'S TRULY, CRAB! Contained within a transparent plastic bag, and opened up to reveal the red hot steaming crab and big fat shrimps in it! You will get to sniff the strong smell of cajun flowing into your nostrils, but it isn't that spicy at all, at least for the initial taste. Their crab and shrimps are quite fresh though, but we had a tough fight with the crabs in cracking them apart, even with the shell cracker.

If you have "itchy hands" syndrome, or the feel for some artistic display, get some drawing pens and show some support for them! As long as you see wooden planks, you are free to draw! Too high for you? Let's call for a ladder from the crew :)

I doubt Full of Crab really mean it, but it's still funny. After all, one is supposed to enjoy their meals happily, and who would like to serve grumpy customers!

Crew are quite friendly and do serve ice/warm water readily. Price may be steeper than the normal crabs sold at coffeeshops, but for the service and the "legal" graffiti within the shop, it's still worth it! Furthermore, Full of Crab is just beside a fruit stall. So if you think a crab feast is too much for you, why not head to the fruit stall after the crab feast to balance out!

Of course parking might be a problem, or rather, a well-known problem if you frequent along East Coast Road. My suggestion - find an electronic parking gantry, such as nearby hotel or building's carpark.

Accept Reservation: Yes

Full of Crab

195 East Coast Road
Singapore 428900

Tel: (65) 6348 8195

Opening Hours
Mon, Wed - Thurs: 1600 - 2200 hours
Fri: 1600 - 2230 hours
Sat - Sun: 1130 - 2230 hours

*Closed on every Tuesday

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