Thursday, 24 July 2014

Khun Mee Thai Noodle Bar

I have never been to Bedok Point, and might have even mistook Bedok Mall for Bedok Point, if not for the detailed information.

Glad that I was invited for food tasting session, hosted by Khun Mee Thai, a new Thailand noodle bar serving authentic Thai-Chinese food. What makes Khun Mee Thai unique is that they uses ingredients imported from Thailand, and specially designed each item in their menu without compromising the taste of Thai food.

Prominently lighted up behind, upon exit of the escalator, is their purple-lited signboard, which is impossible to miss.

With their interior designed based on casual and contemporary theme, wooden tables and benches are used to create a more Thai-feel.

Fret not if you find no chopsticks or spoons for tucking in, because cutlery is neatly stored inside the wooden box available at every table. To create an even more authentic Thai-taste, every table are also lined with 4 condiments, such as Chilli Powder, Green Chilli in Vinegar, Fish Sauce, and Sugar, which represents spicy, salty, sour and sweet respectively.

Although with a small shop space, Khun Mee Thai has no lack of menu options, ranging from appetizers to desserts. Furthermore, with those mini thumbs-up icon indicating chef's recommendation, it is definitely a great help in ordering the dishes!

Cha ($3.00), also known as Thai Tea, is their recommended drink. It is a traditional Thai Ice Milk Tea, made from black tea, vanilla, cinnamon, star anise, evaporated milk, and ice cubes.If you are not a milk tea type of person, you can also try their Nam Ta Krai ($2.50), also known as Lemongrass Drink, homemade by Khun Mee Thai.

Mixture of these ingredients blended a drink which is sweet and concentrated. Nothing like a diluted milk tea to begin with.

Guey Teow Lui Suan ($5.80), also known as Thai-Style Garden Roll, comes in 6 short rolls for ease of consumption. Similar to how our traditional Chinese "popiah" are made, Khun Mee Thai's Garden Roll uses rice paper to wrap Thai sausage, roasted peanuts, Thai sweet basil, and long-leafed coriander.

With the balance of sweet and sour taste, and their special chilli sauce, it might be a hit among the popiah-lovers.

Kha Moo ($7.80), also known as Pork Leg, is one of my favorite dish, although taste can be quite similar to canned food, Pork Leg with Mushrooms (image link credit to indochinekitchen), but with a slight twist!

Having marinated and braised to a total of 8 hours, you can imagine how tender the meat will be, where meat and skin easily dissolve in your mouth and slip down your throat with ease. Braised with 5 spices sauce and cushioned with Thai Kai Lan, it makes the whole dish very digestible and feel like scooping for more.

Moo Yor Salad ($5.80), also known as Thai sausages with glass noodle in spicy dressing. Using pork and sprinked with crushed black peppercorns to form the sausage, this is one of the Thai-Chinese street foods back in Thailand. Whole salad also consists of glass noodle, Thai celery, carrot and cucumber strips, sliced onion, shallots and mints, crushed chilli and roasted peanuts, stirred with zesty chilli and lime dressing.

Not our typical vegetable salad we do at home, but worth a go for the die-hard "salad-ers".

Khor Kai Tod ($4.80), also known as Fried Chicken Joints, uses chicken cartileges and deep-fried to serve.

While not recommended for the elderly due to the effort required to bite it apart, I felt like biting off the tendon underneath the crispy outer, which makes me feel addicted to it the more I bite. Being a popular bar snack in Bangkok, this dish shouldn't be new to you if you frequent there.

Khao Clook Ga-Pi ($8.80), also known as Fried Rice with Shrimp Paste, served with Thai sweet pork stew, crispy dried shrimp, sliced cucumber, shallots, julienned green mango, omelette strips, Chinese sausage and chilli padi.

Pretty interesting to have the ingredients all separated, displaying what is in the fried rice before you start mixing. While definitely a smile on the food pickers, we had the things all mixed up to truly taste the fried rice Khun Mee Thai wanted us to have. The dried ingredients may seem boring, but the splash of the sweet pork stew on the rice makes a difference to the dried plate of rice. Now, who says fried rice can only be dried?

Being in Khun Mee Thai, one shouldn't miss out on their signature wanton noodle! Ba Mee Kiao ($5.80 - $9.80), also known as Egg Noodle with Dumpling. It also includes char siew, and either lava egg, crabmeat or both, which I believe is quite rare, as lava egg seems to appear in Japanese cuisine most of the time! Anyway, you can opt for either dry/soup.

We had the dry version, which I also believe is much more interesting. The best way to eat this, is to actually mix the 4 condiments with the noodle, and chopstick it to your mouth! I agree adding of sugar is pretty weird, but trust me, the overall taste is quite satisfying. From what was a dry noodle, became a little moisturized and more savory to my tongue. Noodles are a tad harder in comparison with how we had our instant noodles, but that is the way Khun Mee Thai wanted. No doubt, supple is the way to make noodles delectable to our picky tongues.

While this bowl of soup came together with Ba Mee Kiao, it should not be overpassed. Soup stock made by boiling large pork bones with coriander and pepper for up to 8 hours. Can you imagine how it would taste like?

Ba Mee Tom Yam ($8.80), also known as Tom Yam Egg Noodles with Prawns. This comes in two versions, where you can opt for the clear tom yum soup, or another with milk added.

Crunchy prawns and the sweet-and-sour taste of tom yum just killed the crave of tom yum-lovers.

With the same price, Tom Yam Egg Noodles with Prawns (milk) suit my preference. Not really a tom yum fan, this sweeter version of tom yum manage the balance equitably. The milk subside the choking feel of tom yum for the beginners, and is much more enjoyable.

Ba Mee Kang Keaw Wan Gui ($9.80), also known as Egg Noodles with Thai Green Curry and Chicken. I personally prefer green curry chicken over tom yum, mostly because green curry is less throat choking. Green Curry is smooth and sweet, and initial taste may make you feel that it isn't spicy at all. But the aftertaste came, when you feel the warmness building up in you. Love it!

We were obviously full from all the noodles and side dishes, but having a meal in a Thai restaurant, how can we miss the popular Khao Neow Mamung ($5.80), also known as Mango Sticky Rice?!

Usually we had the mango with normal glutinous rice set aside, and coconut cream over it. Khun Mee Thai did something different, by "injecting" pandan flavor to the warm and welcoming glutinous rice ! Furthermore, with their mango freshly imported from Thailand, no doubt how sweet and juicy their mango are!

Another type of sticky rice, and probably going to well-sought after by most Singaporeans, the Khao Neow Tu-Rean ($5.80), also known as Durian Sticky Rice.

Khun Mee Thai used to have their durian hard and less flavorful, which thus lead to numerous feedback from local diners as we are used to the soft and piquant smell of the durian. Khun Mee Thai then switched from using Thailand durian to locally-sought durian in order to accommodate to our preference. Durian used in this dessert comes with a initial bitter taste, but overall not to the extent it will make you reject it, provided you are a durian lover in the first place.

It was great to have met Khun Aum, who is the owner of Khun Mee Thai. The whole session was an enjoyable one, and no doubt why Thailand is called the "Land of Smiles".

From courtesy of Khun Mee Thai, I am giving away 2 dining vouchers to 2 person, entitling you to $5 discount with a minimum spending of $25. Simply comment below the blog post, or comment in my facebook page, to stand a winning chance!

Khun Mee Thai Noodle Bar

799 New Upper Changi Road
#02-32 Bedok Point
Singapore 467351

Tel: (65) 6445 3392

Opening Hours
Mon - Thurs: 1130 - 2130 hours
Fri - Sat: 1130 - 2200 hours
Sun: 1130 - 2130 hours
P.H. Eve: 1130 - 2200 hours


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