Monday, 14 July 2014

L’Entrecôte The French Brasserie

Suntec City has been undergoing a major revamp, both internally and externally. Perhaps not all renovation works have been completed, thus it was pretty complex and confusing to navigate between towers to towers. I have to admit that Suntec City, is a stranger to me now.

L'Entrecote is one of the new restaurants in the basement of the Fountain of Wealth, since the revamping. Situated just beside the flight of staircase leading to Tower One and Two, it does seem like an expensive place to dine at, yet also look like an express version of a French cuisine.

Spacious interior, with red table-cloths to make it look classy and elegant for a dining experience.

It can easily made into a 3-course meal, with entree, mains, and desserts. Without much of a variety, I felt rather troubled when I am trying to look out for some steak options! For a full menu view, please click here.

Honestly speaking, I am not a person into French dining, specifically. Thus, I was a little surprised when I received this plate of Walnut Green Salad on my table. This plate of salad actually comes with my ordered steak, as like an appetizer. It does whet my appetite a little, and probably also the reason why I was disappointed by the steak afterwards.

As mentioned above, ordered their Steak & Fries ($29.90) for a classic size, that comes along with the walnut green salad. Had wanted to ask for a rare-cooked steak, but shortly changed to medium-rare. Due to my lack of understanding, medium-rare (Entre à Point et Bien Cuit) in French cuisine could mean a little overcooked. Steak wasn't juicy and the type of rare-cooked steak wasn't of my expectation too. Perhaps should have gone for the rare (Saignant), which could have been a little nearer to my expectation.

L’Entrecôte's steak has been sliced nicely for diner's consumption, and sauce is adequate for the steak only. I liked to dab my fries, usually, when I'm having western food. Thus, the amount of sauce left for my fries after finishing my steak, left me sulking too. But on a good note, their fries are not that bad, as it was not over-fried, with a smidge of crunchiness on it.

Sea Bass Filet ($17.00), also known as Le Bar, is served with a portion of French fries, and also with either steam rice or fresh vegetables. It comes with a creamy sauce to go with the filet, and besides that, filet is easy to slice apart, meat stay almost firm, and skin is crispy.

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Profiteroles with Hot Chocolate Sauce ($12.00), also known as Profiteroles de “L’Entrecôte”, can be pleasing ending item on the menu. With around 4 of such tartes tropeziennes look-alike, each of it was nicely cleaned off the plate with satisfaction. Freezing cold ice cream balls and warm chocolate sauce, just make the whole profiterole mouth-pleasing.

Crowd was not seen during the lunch hours of the weekends, which is also commonly seen in some of the other restaurants too. I would of course, try to blame it due to the renovation works going on, making Suntec City, now, a little frustrating to navigate.

Food took quite a while to arrive, and I would also rate the food to be below average. Their serving of fries is quite generous, but the main highlight of the dish was not well-covered by the chef. In addition, every table comes with a bottle of Acqua Panna, which will automatically be charged in the bill for $9.00. Not sure if it is still the case, if left untouched though.

L’Entrecôte The French Brasserie

3 Temasek Boulevard
#B1-128 Suntec City
Singapore 038983

Tel: (65) 6690 7569

Opening Hours
Mon - Sun: 1130 - 2130 hours

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