Sunday, 27 July 2014

The Tastemaker Store

Just opened earlier this year, The Tastemaker Store can be quite an eye-catcher amidst the whole row of other HDB stores. Reason is because of their white and bright interior, and a total look-through glass panel of the inside!

The moment I stepped in, I felt the simplistic and careless ambiance surrounding me. Isn't too noisy and whole place feel pretty cosy too.

Although not in the menu, their cakes and muffins can be browsed through their counter & glass display.

Menu has a reserved variety, perhaps more to local taste, and also appropriate with their simplistic and cozy ambiance. Nothing too complicated and to be fussy about!

A heads up of their counter & glass display.

I love Glutinous Rice ($3.80) and Yam Cake ($3.80). But what actually made me ordered the former was due to use of metal tin for serving.

I like glutinous rice which is sticky and a little dry, and coincidentally, The Tastemaker Store's glutinous rice suits my taste! Together with its sambal chili, the whole metal tin will only end up with emptiness!

Fruit Jam with Clotted Cream Toast Set ($5.80). Toast is a little hard and crispy, but overall makes up a satisfactory meal. Seems like a normal usual breakfast most families would have, but the inclusion of already-cracked soft boiled eggs make this meal even better.

Ham and Cheese Sandwich Set ($7.80). Looks like another hamburger set, unlike the usual kind of two pieces of bread sandwiched with ham and such, then further sliced into triangular shape.

Other than the exclusion of soft boiled eggs, it has a softer bread than Toast Set, and a portion of salty crisps/chips. Although I mentioned salty, it is still within manage-able level, in my opinion. Another normal yet satisfactory meal!

Food may be normal, but I feel that the price is at least reasonably priced, and ambiance is kind of cosy for a lazy afternoon. It is definitely worth another visit for me.

Accept Reservation: No

The Tastemaker Store

22 Havelock Road
Singapore 160022


Opening Hours
Mon - Sun: 0900 - 2100 hours

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