Monday, 11 August 2014

Arossa Grill & Wine Bar

Scotts Square, often depicted by people as boring place, nothing to shop around, nearly empty type of area even during weekends.

Well, I do agree to a certain extent because if you are looking for restaurants with food worth-spending on, Scotts Square might be able to surprise you with a couple or more!

I entered the darkly-lighted entrance, and was greeted by a cosy ambiance of Arossa, where open-concept kitchen is visible by all diners. Indoor seating only, formed in an L-shaped formation, is limited. Thus, reservation is recommended if you are looking to host a casual and romantic dining experience with your partner.

With more than 120 labels, consisting of old & new-world wine, Arossa can also be another place to enjoy a glass of liquor by the street of Orchard.

Two-paged menu comprising of a 4-course dining experience.

A basket of complimentary bread. While giving off a slight aroma when chewed in mouth, I can't help feeding my mouth with the bread before the 1st course arrived. One being a fluffy buttered bread, while another consist of walnut and bread requires more effort to chew off.

Calamari ($22.00) came as our first course. Fried squid isn't oily, and is springy. While the fried squid is good enough to be eaten on its own, a dab of the spicy aioli sauce would add-on an additional taste to it.

Primo Piatto, Chitarra ($29.00). It may seem to you as normal pasta, perhaps, and find the price well-above your expectation. But Arossa's homemade square-cut pasta with sea urchin paste, chives, and peperoncino, is definitely worth the amount. I feel that it comes with a mild "fishy" taste, probably due to the sea urchin paste, but it didn't restrict me from another scoop. Overall, this pasta is worth going for.

Secondo, Tonno ($36.00). At first, I thought it was beef and I was so eager to start my fork and knife on it! Realizing how different the meat was being sliced, I started doubting.

Grilled Blue Fin Tuna with salsa fresh tomatoes, although failed in my expectation as a beef dish, it's texture and taste does surpass my disappointment. Perhaps a dish for diners whom ain't beef-eaters, but still can act like one :)

Finally for the dessert, Tiramisu ($10.00).

Arossa Grill & Wine Bar is located at the corner behind the ascending escalator to level 2. It can be easily passed without noticing it, if it wasn't in your itinerary to drop by for a meal with them.

A great place with prompt service and overlooking the street of Orchard from level 2. Most restaurants would have placed a whole row of cutlery on the table, and count on you to know which to use for the type of food served. Arossa did the opposite way, but neatly placing only the right cutlery on your table, and switch to another when another different type of food is served. Warm thanks were also presented to us upon leaving, which leaves a deep impression in me, for their service and food quality :)

Looking for a romantic dinner with your loved one? Arossa should be in your list of consideration!

Arossa Grill & Wine Bar

6 Scotts Road
#02-01 Scotts Square
Singapore 228209

Tel: (65) 6636 2951

Opening Hours
Mon - Sun: 1130 - 1500 hours (Last order at 1400 hours)
1800 - 2230 hours (Last order at 2130 hours)

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