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Ramen Champion (Shodai Koji, Riki, Menya Ryu)

I love and hate Ramen Champion. Love for having an array of ramens to choose from when I have a craving for it, but also the reason why I hate as I can't make up my mind!

I remembered my first ramen from Ramen Champion is some black ramen, where the broth is dark-colored. I love the taste of it, but sadly, it is no longer in operation the 2nd time I went. The stalls may be changing from time to time, but that also mean a new stall to takeover, and a new taste to inject into Ramen Champion!

Free seating after you stepped in, with an electronic ordering card which is to be returned to the cashier located at the exit for payment.

Ramen Champion has just brought in 3 new stalls to entice more Ramen-Lovers to drop by for a meal, which are Shodai Koji, Riki, and Menya Ryu.

Introducing Shodai Koji, located near the far end of the Ramen Champion.

If you have decided to settle your meal with Shodai Koji, you might want to consider their popular ramen, Triple Chashu Ramen. For sides, we had the Tebasaki with Spicy Sauce, and Tempura Grindara. Here is the menu for the other items.

Triple Chashu Ramen ($16.80). It's called triple chashu because it uses 3 kinds of eat to create the chashu, which are chicken thigh, pork belly and pork collar.

Initially, I wasn't quite able to ascertain that I will like this ramen, because I love ramen that has thick and dark-colored (Yes! I'm for the heavy taste type!). But after taking a sip of the tonkotsu soup, I grew to like it! Ramen is not too hard, suitable for kids!

Tebasaki with Spicy Sauce ($6.90). Needless to say, crispy skin, juicy and tender meat! If went to Ramen Champion without trying this, you would have made a wasted trip! Barely any batter used to create this puffed-up presentation will actually prove the authenticity of its yummy-ness!

Tempura Grindara ($6.80). This was a disappointment though, despite how yummy their chicken wings were. Too oily, and cod fish doesn't seems fresh.

Just beside Shodai Koji, stands Riki Power Ramen, which is also the last store towards the left of Ramen Champion.

Menu for Riki Power Ramen.

Special Power Ramen ($16.50). Tonkotsu soup is creamy and milky, and have garlic and bean sprouts splashed along with it. Garlic taste is not that overwhelming, but in my opinion, overall taste still wins Triple Chashu Ramen by a margin. Noodles used are the thicker type, similar to udon, which I really love it.

For the 3rd store, we have Menya Ryu, which is just situated near the entrance of Ramen Champion. Even before entering, you would have noticed it when exiting the escalator to the right.

Menya Ryu serve a little differently from the other 2 stalls. They have ramen, as well as curry rice meals and even salads for the health-conscious ones. Menu for Menya Ryu.

Sapporo Miso Special Ramen ($15.80). Unlike the miso soup we drank before, Menya Ryu miso uses red, white and black miso, and mixed with soup base made of tonkotsu and chicken. It is tastier and somehow less salty than those served by Shodai Koji and Riki. But they use curly noodles, which might lead you to think of maggie mee, that really isn't my idea of a ramen.

Mentaiko Gyoza ($7.00). I'm not those vegetable type of person, especially with spring onions, etc. Although Mentaiko Gyoza seems to sprinkled quite an amount, the taste doesn't really bothers me at all. Gyoza skin is soft and thin, thus not covering the highlight of the contents itself. Worth a shot for this!

Lobster Salad ($9.80). It is good enough to eat it without the salad sauce, but mixing it makes it an absolute choice with a tad of sour taste! Their lobster mixture is delicious and fresh too.

Ramen Champion is pretty much making a smooth progress in Singapore, having 3 of such concept, separately in Great World City, Changi Airport Terminal 3, as well as Bugis+.

The ramens are generally thick in their broth and definitely worth a smile after a meal, but taste can be slightly salty for those who can't take saltiness. All their chashu(s) is unquestionably tender to mouth and has absorbed the essence of the broth!

If I am to choose my favorite ramen out of these 3, I will definitely head back for the Special Power Ramen, served by Riki.

I am also giving away 4 vouchers worth $10.00 each for dining at Ramen Champion. It is not limited to any type of ramen stalls, and can be used at all their 3 outlets! Just comment below, or in my Facebook to stand a chance to win the voucher!

Ramen Champion

201 Victoria Street
#04-10 Bugis+
Singapore 188067

Tel: (65) 6238 1011

Opening Hours
Mon - Sun: 1130 - 2230 hours

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