Monday, 4 August 2014


Perhaps due to my ignorance, I haven't heard of Movenpick Hotel till I found out the existence of Tablescape Restaurant, housed inside the Hotel.

I love the grand with a little bit of colonial of the exterior, and the grass patch which covers almost the entire stairway to the entrance. This show that "red carpet" is not well-liked by all people though :)

On the left side, just before walking straight to the reception counter, there is a corridor showcasing their cakes and pastries. I specially took interest in their Kueh Lapis but the price did shake me a little.

Seating are available on the left and right side of the counter, as well as outdoor seating which overlook the swimming pool, also which design is not the norm.

Took on the 3-course ($66.00) dinner menu, for a swift and decisive action to settle my growling stomach!

As usual, bread will be served. Fluffy bread usually goes well with soups.

First course was the Cream of Pumpkin and Carrot with Garlic Croutons Soup. I am usually not a fan of pumpkin, be it fruit or juice. But I still chose this because the alternative option doesn't seem any better in whetting my appetite.

I would conclude the soup is too sweet to my liking, although it is thick and creamy. Diners, whose taste favors pumpkin and carrot combination, might find this soup a great start to the meal.

Second course was Roasted Peppered Chicken with Mixed Vegetables and Baby Potato. Looking juicy from the outside, but inside was pretty dry.

An alternative to the Roasted Peppered Chicken, was the Oven Baked Seabass with Mixed Vegetables and Baby Potato with Creole Tomato Sauce.

In my opinion, a dish of fish fails when the fishy taste is still there, and become slightly above average of my bearable level. This dish apparently falls into this category. Though not overcooked, but I rather it be overcooked than being too fishy.

Came the third course, Chocolate Brownies with Vanilla Ice Cream, for dessert. This was the one and only option, unlike the first and second course. Brownie is a little dry and sticky to your teeth as you bite, but smear with the vanilla ice cream, and it should work fine in your mouth.

Service is commendable, but perhaps food can be improved for a better rating from diners. I wouldn't make another visit to Tablescape, partly due to inaccessibility, and mainly on the quality of food. On a side note, it is a nice place for taking OOTDs.


23 Beach View
Movenpick Heritage Hotel, Sentosa
Singapore 098679

Tel: (65) 6818 3388

Opening Hours
Mon - Sun: 0700 - 1030 hours
                  1200 - 1500 hours
                  1830 - 2230 hours

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  1. I've heard of the hotel but first time hearing of this restaurant. How did you hear of it?